What does a highway patrol officer do?

What does a highway patrol officer do?

The job of state highway patrol is to issue tickets to motorists for unsafe driving, respond to accidents, make arrests when needed, and report hazardous road conditions to protect people on the road. In some places, they are limited to performing traffic services of ensuring safe roadways.

What are State Patrol officers called?

State Troopers
In many states, the state police are known by different names: the various terms used are “State Police”, “Highway Patrol”, “State Highway Patrol”, “State Patrol”, and “State Troopers”.

What is OHP Oklahoma?

A division of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, the OHP acts as Oklahoma’s state police agency. OHP was legislatively created on July 1, 1937 due to the growing problem of motor vehicle collisions, the expansion of a highway system, and the increase in criminal activities.

How do I become an OHP?

Basic Requirements

  1. Age. Minimum of 21 years of age, but no older than 45 when the academy starts.
  2. Education.
  3. Residency.
  4. New Physical Agility Requirements.
  5. Illegal Drug Usage.
  6. Military Discharges and Selective Service Registration.
  7. Traffic and Criminal Records.
  8. Other Disqualifiers.

How many highway patrol officers are in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Headquarters Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Troopers 791 (as of 2017) of the minimum 950 needed
Civilian employees 204 (as of 2011)
Agency executive Colonel Brent Sugg, Chief of Patrol

What is the job description for a highway patrol officer?

Job Description and Duties. Highway patrol officers, also called state troopers, share duties with other uniformed officers, and they often assist local agencies, particularly in rural or remote areas where law enforcement resources may be limited.

What are the duties of a highway patrol?

The main responsibility of the highway patrol is to monitor and enforce safety on state and federal highways.

How many hours does a highway patrol officer work?

Highway patrol officers, similar to police officers or state troopers, usually work full-time, although hours scheduled may be irregular, such as three 12-hour shifts per week, and may include evenings, nights, and/or weekends.

How do you become a state highway patrol officer?

Earn a High School Diploma. A high school-level education is the minimum required in some states for employment as a highway patrol officer.

  • Attend College. Some states may require you to complete college courses or earn a degree to become a trooper.
  • Obtain Employment.
  • Complete Patrol Officer Training.
  • Consider Advancement Opportunities.
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