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What candy is Savannah Ga known for?

What candy is Savannah Ga known for?

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has made southern confections known from coast to coast – from our famous Savannah’s Original Pralines, saltwater taffy, to hand stretched peanut brittle. Whether for holidays, office parties, gifts, or just because, we have you covered with an assortment of tasty candies, cakes, and pies.

Who owns Savannah Sweets?

Stan “the Candy Man” Strickland
For forty years, and 3 generations, the Strickland family has been hand making an array of Southern confections using their family’s recipes. Owner of Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, Stan “the Candy Man” Strickland, learned his mother’s passion and old-fashioned methods as a child.

How many pralines are in a pound?

12 pieces

Portion: 12 pieces per pound*
Storage: Room temperature
Shelf life: 4 weeks
Ingredients: Sugar, butter, half & half cream, pecans *Hand-dipped, so pieces per pound varies

How many candy kitchens are there?

We have 19 stores to serve you and your family located throughout the Delmarva Beaches including Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, and Fenwick Island, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland …

Is Candy Kitchen a franchise?

Now these delicacies, along with all the other handmade candies, are world famous. Stan Strickland still owns and operates Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, the largest candy store in the South. River Street Sweets-Savannah’s Candy Kitchen launched the first of many franchises in 2015.

How do you preserve pralines?

We recommend storing Pralines in a cool, dry place (18°-22°C). Temperatures below 16°C do not affect the quality of the product, but may diminish the perception of taste and fragrance of the ingredients.

How many days is the shelf life of praline?


Product Shelf Life
Pralines 14 Days
Chocolate covered Pralines 3 weeks
Loggerheads 8 weeks
Saltwater Taffy 12 weeks

Does Candy Kitchen have Fisher’s Popcorn?

Dolles, Fisher’s Popcorn, Wockenfuss, and Candy Kitchen have tons and tons of delicious sweets and treats fun for all so don’t forget to check them out!

Does Candy Kitchen make its own candy?

Our salt water taffy, creamy homemade fudge and hand-dipped chocolates are manufactured at our plant at 53rd Street in Ocean City, Maryland. All candies are both stored and processed in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat (gluten), corn and soy.

Where is the oldest candy store in Savannah GA?

The oldest candy store in Savannah, River Street Sweets is still family owned and operated by Jennifer and Tim. Just down the street, Stan “The Candy Man” operates Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, the largest candy store in the south since 1990.

Where to find River Street sweets in Savannah?

Please see our update concerning Coronavirus and our commitment to Guest Safety. Find a River Street Sweets location near you! Problem loading custom css! Problem loading custom css! Find a River Street Sweets • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen Franchise location near you!

What kind of candy is River Street sweets?

Six months later, River Street Sweets became a full-fledged candy store. Almost immediately, the most popular treats were their World Famous Pralines®, hand-dipped onto a piece of marble Stan bought from a gravestone company.

When did Savannah sweets start making pecan candy?

ITEM ID: 1703 – $21.95 Our family-owned business began in beautiful Savannah, Georgia way back in 1981. Our homemade candies are made fresh daily using the freshest creams, butter and sugar. We specialize in pecan delicacies, traditional Southern candy and gift baskets perfect for family, friends and clients any time of year.

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