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Why do Ghanaians have scars on their face?

Why do Ghanaians have scars on their face?

Tribal marks are part of the Ghanaian culture and are usually inscribed on the body by burning or cutting of the skin during childhood. The primary function of the tribal marks is for identification of a person’s tribe, family or patrilineal heritage.

Why do people have scars on their cheeks?

When a wound heals, it may eventually turn into a scar. Facial scars come in numerous forms and may be caused by injuries, acne, burns, or surgery. Since your face is constantly exposed to the environment, scars on this part of your body may have a harder time healing.

Where are tribal marks from?

Tribal marks are lacerations made on the face practised by parts of the Yoruba and the Hausa tribe in Nigeria. In the olden days, it was practised and was symbolic.

How do tribal marks affect health?

Onadeko said the effects of tribal marks on the child could be psychological, emotional and social. “The scar might even develop keloids, which are some painless swellings that are so disfiguring and it brings serious psychological problems in later life that may even affect that child’s socialisation.

What are facial scars?

Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process. A scar results from the biologic process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues. Most wounds, except for very minor ones, result in some degree of scarring. Scars can result from accidents, diseases, skin conditions such as acne, or surgeries.

What is a facial mark?

Facial marks (e.g. moles, freckles, pimples, scars) can be defined as skin areas (sometimes prominent) that differs in texture, shape and color with respect to the rest of the surrounding skin.

Are facial scars attractive?

Scientists find facial scars increase attractiveness Men with facial scars are more attractive to women seeking short-term relationships, scientists at the University of Liverpool have found. Men, however, regarded women with and without facial scars as equally attractive for both types of relationship.

How do you fade a scar on your face?

Read on for 10 options to discuss with your skin care specialist.

  1. Over-the-counter (OTC) scar treatment cream.
  2. Facial massage.
  3. Chemical peels.
  4. Microdermabrasion.
  5. Dermabrasion.
  6. Microneedling.
  7. Fillers.
  8. Ablative laser resurfacing.

Why do Nigerians cut their cheeks?

Nupe tribal mark The Nupe people are an important minority in Kwara State and Kogi State. Their tribal marks are drawn with many curves on the cheeks or one vertical strip on each cheek. These scars are sometimes to highlight prestige or to identify the family of which they belong.

What are facial marks?

Why tribal marks should be abolished?

Mr Danladi Isa, a teacher said the act of marking a person’s face for tribal identity was archaic and should be abolished, as it makes the child object of ridicule among peers. Most times, you see other children making fun of him and even isolating him from group play.

What does the Black Star on the Ghana flag mean?

Most of Ghana’s cash crops are exported to overseas countries in exchange for physical cash which is used for the country’s development of roads, schools, water, sanitation and industries for employment. The black star of the Ghanaian national flag is a symbol used to represent the emancipation of Africa and unity against colonialism.

Who was the designer of the Ghana flag?

The Ghanaian flag was the second African flag after the flag of the Ethiopian Empire to feature these colours. The flag’s design influenced that of the flag of Guinea-Bissau (1973). The flag of Ghana was designed by Theodosia Okoh (1922–2015).

What does red stand for in the Ghana flag?

The big six formed the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) a political party formed to liberate the people of the Gold Coast from the slavery and oppression of the British colonial rule. Red also stands for love which might have influenced our forefathers who led the struggles for Ghana’s independence for the love of the nation.

What are the three colours of the Ghana flag?

The three colours used are quite memorable with a star of the sky designed in a black colour within the centre, taking the centre coverage of the gold colour. The red colour of the national flag of Ghana was used to represent the blood of forefathers who led the struggle of independence and shared their blood through death.

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