Are Dream Maker Spas any good?

Are Dream Maker Spas any good?

Overall, I’ve been very happy with the EZ Spa. It’s a great, reliable hot tub and (with the exception of the cover) everything has worked perfectly. It’s also very easy to use, so I’d definitely recommend it as a good first hot tub, or for anyone looking for a spa that isn’t too complicated.

Where are Dream Maker Spas made?

Lake Mary, Florida
Assembled in the USA. Dream Maker spas are designed and assembled in the USA, in our own factory located in the Innovation Center in Lake Mary, Florida. An expert staff of engineers and specialists ensures all products meet our stringent quality control standards.

What are Dream Maker Spas made of?

All spas are built with our proprietary Syncrylic material for the appearance of acrylic with the durability of polyethylene. Dream Maker Spas are rotationally molded for a unibody construction that creates an elegant durable finish guaranteed not to split, peel, rot or rust.

How much does a Dream Maker spa weigh?

Additional Information

Weight 256 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 69 × 32 in
Color Blackstone w/ Wicker Panels, Blackstone w/ Brick Panels, Greystone w/ Wicker Panels, Greystone w/ Brick Panels, Cobblestone w/ Wicker Panels, Cobblestone w/ Brick Panels, Brownstone w/ Wicker Panels, Brownstone w/ Brick Panels

How much are Freeflow Spas?

Freeflow® spas start at $2,699* and some hot tubs in the industry retail for $14,000 or more. How much does installation of a hot tub cost?

What are the lightest hot tubs?

The lightest hot tub is the Ocho Rios SE and only weighs 525 pounds. This lightweight, portable hot tub has four bucket seats and 17 jets. Escape to your own back yard with up to four people in your own backyard. Simply plug in to any standard 120 V outlet and enjoy.

Is Bullfrog Spas a good brand?

Yes, Bullfrog Spas is a good brand. The hot tubs and spas feature quality materials and offer a wide range of customizable amenities, including JetPak therapy jets, self-regulating water care and more. Use the Bullfrog Spas website to locate the dealer or showroom nearest you.

What are the parts for Dream Maker spas?

Dream Maker Spas cover, hot tub filter, hot tub steps, Dream Maker Spas pump, Dream Maker Spas parts and overlays, jet replacements, tools, coverlifter

Is the EZ spa a Dream Maker spa?

This all-inclusive, easy to install, lightweight design makes the EZ SPA perfect for family and entertaining. Dream Maker Spas believes that comfort should never take a back seat to your health and well-being, which is why we offer a number of different spas that meet all your needs.

How much does a Dream Maker hot tub cost?

Hot Tub Prices – Affordable Hot Tubs for Entertainment and Relaxation Shop all models of hot tubs from Dream Maker Spas. Compare features, sizes and prices.

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