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What kind of decorations are used during Kwanzaa?

What kind of decorations are used during Kwanzaa?

If you’d like to follow the traditional customs, some special decorations you should include in your decor are the mkeka mat (which symbolizes a strong foundation), the kinara (which is a candle holder featuring red, black, and green candles), corn (which represents the harvest and fertility), and a wood chalice (which …

What do families put on the Mkeka mat?

To honor the children in the family, one ear of corn (called the vibunzi or muhindi) is placed under the kinara for each child. Other symbols include a fruit basket (mazao) and a unity cup (kikombe) which are both placed on the mkeka as well.

What does Mkeka mean?

Symbols of Kwanzaa The mkeka is a straw mat which symbolizes the tradition as the foundation on which all else rests. The kinara is a seven-space candle holder, representing the original stalk from which the African people originated. The mishumaa saba (seven candles) stand for the Seven Principles.

Do you decorate your house for Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is meant to be celebrated with family and friends as a way to honor the past and look forward to the future. One important part of celebrating Kwanzaa is decorating the home with traditional seasonal decor. Kwanzaa holiday decor incorporates traditional symbols of African American heritage, both old and new.

What goes on a Kwanzaa table?

The seven items of often set on a Kwanzaa table, with the kinara, in the house:

  • Mkeka: The Mat – A woven mat made of fabric, raffia, or paper.
  • Kikombe cha Umoja: The Unity Cup – Represents family and community.
  • Mazao: The Crops – Fruit and vegetables from the harvest.

How to decorate your home for Kwanzaa holidays?

Let the kids help decorate your Kwanzaa home by adding color to the table — a beaded Kwanzaa napkin ring looks beautiful on your dinner table. Or let them weave a mkeka, a woven mat that will make a great conversation piece at dinner.

What do the symbols of Kwanzaa stand for?

There are also seven symbols of Kwanzaa: Mazao: The crops symbolize the harvest. Mkeka: The mat represents history, tradition and the foundation on which the community builds. Kinara: The candle holder symbolizes the roots of the community. Muhindi: The corn represents the future of children in the community.

What to put on a tabletop for Kwanzaa?

Try our simple and smart ideas for awe-inspiring Kwanzaa tabletop decorations and more. A huge part of the Kwanzaa celebration is the kinara. Make a homemade kinara as a pretty decoration. Ours is made with a small piece of soft wood for an earthy feel.

What does Zawadi in Kwanzaa stand for?

Zawadi: The gifts for children symbolize parental love and commitments maintained by children. Kwanzaa food often matches the red, black and green colors of the Bendera, the Black liberation or Pan-African flag. Red represents the struggle of Black people. Black symbolizes pride in the race.

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