What is Tenterfield known for?

What is Tenterfield known for?

An historic town in the rolling New England region, Tenterfield is home to elegant wineries and superb wilderness. Known as the ‘birthplace of Australia’, this is the town where Sir Henry Parkes made his famous 1889 speech calling for Australia’s federation.

Where did the Tenterfield Oration take place?

The speech was given at the Tenterfield School of Arts in northern NSW in order to promote free trade across colonial borders and called for “a great national government for all Australia”. Sir Henry Parkes has become known as the ‘Father of Federation’.

What was the famous speech the Tenterfield address about?

In the Oration, Parkes argued that federation would enable the colonies’ militias to unite as a single national army under the command of a single national government. He also argued that it would enable Australia’s railway gauges to be of a uniform width.

Where was Henry Parkes born?

Canley, Coventry, United Kingdom
Henry Parkes/Place of birth

Is Tenterfield a good place to live?

Tenterfield is an aesthetically beautiful yet horribly ugly place to live. People who’d leave in a heartbeat if their place would just sell. Extremely slow market, if you’re locked in it can take 10+ years to get out. Nowhere in Australia has issues like Tenterfield does.

How old is Tenterfield?

The Tenterfield Star is impressively over 170 years old. Granite mountains and inselbergs dominate the town’s local geography, with Bald rock being the most famous.

How many years after the Tenterfield Oration did Federation occur?

12 years
On 1 January 1901, 12 years after the Tenterfield Oration, Australia federated and became an independent nation.

When did Australia became a Federation?

1 January 1901
Australia’s 6 British colonies became one nation on 1 January 1901. The Constitution is one of the Commonwealth of Australia’s founding documents. After many years of debate and drafting, it was passed by the British Parliament, and given royal assent (approval by the Queen), in July 1900.

Who was at the Tenterfield address?

In the Oration, Parkes called for the Federation of the six Australian colonies, which were at the time self-governing but under the distant central authority of the British Colonial Secretary.

Does Tenterfield have snow?

If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in Tenterfield are August, April, and then July. Weather stations report no annual snow.

Why is Tenterfield the birthplace of Australia’s nation?

The town’s main claim to fame, which is reflected in a genuinely fascinating museum, is that it is ‘The Birthplace of the Nation’. It was in the town, in 1889, that Henry Parkes delivered a crucial speech about the need for Australian Federation which led to the establishment of Australia as a nation in 1901.

Where is Tenterfield located in New South Wales?

Located at the intersection of the New England and Bruxner Highways in the New England region of New South Wales, Tenterfield is the largest town in its Shire and has a rich history dating back to the traditional landowners.

Why was the Tenterfield Oration important to Australia?

On 24 October 1889 Henry Parkes delivered a speech at the Tenterfield School of Arts on the need for the Australian colonies to federate into one nation. The Tenterfield Oration is significant because, although politicians had been discussing federation for some time, this was the first direct appeal to the public.

When was the opening of the Tenterfield railway?

Opening of the Tenterfield railway, 1886. National Library of Australia, obj.148884565 On 24 October 1889, Henry Parkes delivered a speech at the Tenterfield School of Arts on the need for the Australian colonies to federate into one nation.

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