Is Clairvia a Cerner product?

Is Clairvia a Cerner product?

Cerner Corp. will expand its technology offerings with the acquisition of Clairvia, a maker of workforce management software for the healthcare sector.

What is Cerner Clairvia?

Cerner Clairvia leverages nursing documentation from the EHR to paint a clinical picture of each patient’s care needs. With this measurement Clairvia projects the patient’s progression to the next level of care and length of stay, enabling organizations to efficiently plan for care team coverage.

Where is Cerner Health located?

Cerner’s world headquarters campus is at 2800 Rockcreek Parkway, North Kansas City, Missouri. It acquired additional space in Kansas City, Missouri in 2005 and in 2006 it acquired another location in Kansas City.

How do I contact Cerner Health?

For live support, please call 866-434-1543.

How do I get clairvia from home?

Go to Knowledge Link and choose Clinical Portal in the upper right corner. Choose Clairvia Scheduling from the list. Enter your User Name and Password. Click Login to Clairvia Online.

Is Cerner cheaper than epic?

When it comes to larger healthcare organizations, most healthcare providers go with Epic. Neither vendor discloses pricing information publicly, but news about contract deal sizes seems to indicate that Epic is slightly more expensive than Cerner, though this also depends on how well you plan implementation.

Who are Cerner competitors?

Cerner Corporation competitors include GE Healthcare, McKesson and Epic.

Is Cerner a good place work?

Great Place to Work Cerner has been a great company to work for. Working in IT its possible to move up the latter. The culture is amazing and very including of people from all backgrounds. Cerner is a fast paced environment, so one challenge is just keeping up with everything.

What does Cerner do for health care providers?

HealtheReferralsSM helps provider organizations keep patients in network across any EHR and any payer. Select the role below to explore Cerner solutions for all your health care needs.

Who is the parent company of Cerner Corporation?

Cerner Corporation announced today a definitive agreement to acquire AbleVets—a strategic IT consulting and engineering firm—as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Who is the vice president of consumer engagement at Cerner?

In this episode, David Harse, vice president and general manager, consumer engagement, Cerner, is joined by Allison Hess, vice president, health innovations, Geisinger, for a conversation around wellness and addressing inequities in healthcare.

Who is Casey Sansale, Senior Director of product integration, Cerner?

In this episode, we’re joined by Casey Sansale, senior director & product integration executive, Cerner, for a conversation around the future of ambulatory care and how organizations can optimize their outpatient efforts.

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