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When was the movie Teeth made?

When was the movie Teeth made?

January 18, 2008 (USA)
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What is the story of movie Teeth?

Dawn (Jess Weixler) is an active member of her high-school chastity club but, when she meets Tobey (Hale Appleman), nature takes its course, and the pair answer the call. They suddenly learn she is a living example of the vagina dentata myth, when the encounter takes a grisly turn.
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Where was the movie Teeth made?

Lichtenstein cites numerous factors in his decision to film Teeth in Austin, from the favorable weather conditions that made filming outdoor swimming scenes possible in early spring to the availability of a seasoned local crew.

What happened to Toby in Teeth?

Tobey screams in agony, cradling his bleeding crotch and leaving Dawn horrified. Tobey then dives into the water to escape from Dawn and disappears, but it is later discovered that he died from blood loss as the police recover his body from the bottom of the river.

Is teeth the movie Ab?

Teeth is a 2007 American comedy horror film written and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein….Teeth (2007 film)

Written by Mitchell Lichtenstein
Produced by Joyce Pierpoline Mitchell Lichtenstein
Starring Jess Weixler John Hensley Josh Pais Hale Appleman Ashley Springer Lenny Von Dohlen
Cinematography Wolfgang Held

How does teeth movie end?

After she has sex with him, Dawn realizes that everything is okay. When she engages in consensual sex, the teeth remain inactive. The next morning, Ryan and Dawn have sex again, but Ryan receives a call in the middle of the act. He picks up the phone and brags about how he won the bet (sleeping with Dawn first).

Are teeth bones?

Even though teeth and bones seem very similar, they are actually different. Teeth are not bones. Yes, both are white in color and they do indeed store calcium, but that’s where their similarities end.

Who is the director of the movie teeth?

Teeth is a 2007 American comedy horror film written and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein. The film stars Jess Weixler and was produced by Lichtenstein on a budget of $2 million. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2007, and received a limited release in the United States on January 18, 2008, by Roadside Attractions.

Why are teeth so important in a movie?

Eyes are the window to the soul. Teeth are the gross plaque-y fence. Beauty is important in Hollywood, so it’s no surprise that most movie characters feature a perfect set of choppers even if they’re playing a 3rd century hobo. But still some movie makers make memorable movie teeth.

Who is the girl in the movie teeth?

A new evolution of horror as arrived with the new film, Teeth. Teeth tells the story of Dawn O’Keefe (Jess Weixler), a young abstinent teenager who comes to find out that her “family jewels” are much more special than everyone else’s; her vagina has teeth.

Who was the guy in the movie who lost his tooth?

Actor Ed Helms is actually missing a tooth, which made Stu’s visage perfect after a Las Vegas evening. In the movie, Stu removes his own tooth to prove that he’s a great dentist.

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