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Where to get shards dd2?

Where to get shards dd2?

Any shard can be purchased from Gran Ma’ster for 1000 Defender Medals or 250 Gems. A shard pack containing 5 random shards can also be purchased for 500 Defender Medals or 125 Gems. These shard packs will give you 5 random shards from a single difficulty (e.g. 5 random Chaos V shards).

How do you evolve shards in Dungeon Defenders 2?

The Upgrade menu can be opened by CTRL + LClick on the item. Only Shards, Armor, and Weapons can be upgraded. Each item can usually be upgraded numerous times. Gear and relics can be upgraded up to 30 times if it is Epic and above, 60 if it is Legendary, and cannot be upgraded if it is lower than Epic.

What are the mastery rewards dd2?


Reward Tier Accension Levels Pet Affection Booster
1 10 20
2 115 125
3 220 230
4 325 335

What is mastery dd2?

Mastery is a game mode similar to Expeditions, except each map has a set of challenges to complete while your gear is capped, creating a much more difficult challenge than Expeditions.

How does Mastery work dd2?

How do you get wings in dd2?

How to acquire. Currently there are no flairs available that can be directly purchased with gems, gold, or defender medals. Instead, the ways they can only be acquired are through defender packs, reaching a certain milestone in specific gamemodes, solving map secrets or obtaining codes from giveaways.

What are incursions dd2?

Incursions are maps that can be played after a Chaos Trials map has been completed. Most special weapons have a chance to drop in the victory chest on the Incursion map that unlocked it, each time it is played. Each special weapon is a legendary drop, for the Chaos level it is earned on.

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