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What genre is Enter Shikari?

What genre is Enter Shikari?

Electronic dance music
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When was Enter Shikari formed?

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Where does Enter Shikari mean?

Enter Shikari are a post-hardcore band from St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. The band is named after the Hindi word Shikari meaning hunter. The band have played at festivals such as Reading and Leeds.

Is Enter Shikari metal?

Enter Shikari’s musical style has been variously described as alternative rock, electronic rock, post-hardcore, electronicore (which they are considered to have pioneered), experimental rock, post-rock, and on their early releases, metalcore and synth-metal.

Is Shikari a hunter?

As nouns the difference between hunter and shikari is that hunter is one who hunts game for sport or for food; a huntsman or huntswoman while shikari is a hunter or tracker, especially in the indian subcontinent.

What is the English of Shikari?

hunter countable noun. A hunter is a person who hunts wild animals for food or as a sport. deer hunters. /shikari, shikArI, shikaaree, shikārī/

Where is Rou Reynolds?

St Albans, United Kingdom
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Enter Shikari (sometimes stylised as enter: shikari and most commonly as ΣΠΤΣR SΗΦΚ∆RΦ) are a British rock band formed in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England in 1999 by bassist Chris Batten, lead vocalist and keyboardist Rou Reynolds, and drummer Rob Rolfe.

What kind of music does Enter Shikari play?

Enter Shikari have their own record label, Ambush Reality. However, they have also signed distribution deals with several major labels to help with worldwide distribution. Their eclectic musical style combines influences from rock music genres with those from various electronic music genres.

Who is the lead singer of Enter Shikari?

Enter Shikari are a British alternative rock band formed in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England in 1999 under the name Hybryd by bassist Chris Batten, lead vocalist and keyboardist Roughton “Rou” Reynolds, and drummer Rob Rolfe.

When did Enter Shikari start their first tour?

Enter Shikari had performed over 500 times by 2007 and played on the Gibson / MySpace stage at 2006’s Download Festival. On 14 May 2007, Enter Shikari started their first North America tour. This was followed by three more North American tours.

When did Enter Shikari play Heaven in London?

Enter Shikari live at Heaven in London in 2009. From left to right: Clewlow, Rolfe, Reynolds and Batten. It was confirmed by NME that Enter Shikari had finished working on their second album, Common Dreads, in March 2009 and announced that they would tour the UK and Europe during 2009.

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