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What is IQ ball?

What is IQ ball?

OurPets IQ Treat Ball is a fun alternative to slow feed dog bowls that promote a healthy lifestyle for your pet. It can be filled with treats or kibble and set to the desired difficulty level using the ball’s adjustable interior disc.

How do you play IQ ball?

IQ Ball is a puzzle game that relies on physics to move your character across the screen. You use a ‘grappling hook’ mechanic to fling yourself across the screen in various directions. The objective of each level is to find your way to a target through various obstacles, in the least amount of clicks.

What kind of game is the IQ ball?

IQ Ball IQ Ball is a fun and interesting puzzle game in which you have to try and grab the red target with your sticky ball. This sounds easy but you will encounter some difficulties, obstacles to solve the puzzles and complete the level.

How can I increase my IQ on IQ ball?

Try to bring your purple sticky ball to the goal or bring the target to you in as few clicks as possible. Doing so will increase your IQ significantly. IQ Ball has all 25 levels to play with and each level brings something new. Just try not to be overwhelmed by the cute graphics and funny background music of IQ Ball.

Who are the main characters in IQ ball?

The main character of the game is a small blue ball. Your task is to get the purple IQ Critter for the target. To do this, you shoot out with your hook and grab everything to move in your direction. Less moving you use, the better!) IQ Ball is an exciting game that reveals your level, challenge, intelligence.

How do you play IQ ball on Chrome?

Click ‘Allow’ to play IQ Ball! Click the Lock icon and change Block to Allow to play IQ Ball. 1. Click the or -icon top left in the Chrome address bar. 2. In the Flash dropdown, select ‘ Allow ‘ 3. Refresh the page. Click ‘Always allow’ to play IQ Ball!

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