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How good was the RC51?

How good was the RC51?

The RC51 wasn’t bad, though. Because of its heft, it was more forgiving of rider movements while at speed. It also had more engine braking, which I tend to like for both street and track riding. Any shortcomings the RC51 had were only apparent when we swapped bikes on the test, but the gap was large.

Is the 2000 RC51 fuel injected?

History. The RC51 was designed as the motorcycle to be used by Honda’s racing teams in the Superbike World Championship. The 2000–2001 models are designated SP1, while the 2002–2006 models are designated SP2 (the latter having updated fuel injection and suspension systems).

What year did the Honda RC51 come out?

Honda RC51 History The story of the Honda RC51 starts back in 1988 with the introduction of World Superbike Racing and the new set of rules that came along with it. Up until that time, Honda had been dominant in Superbike racing, winning every AMA Superbike title for four straight seasons.

What cc is an RC51?

In 2000 Honda released the RC51, powered by a 999 cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine.

What does RVT stand for Honda?

Joined Apr 3, 2007. 3,132 Posts. #13 · Sep 13, 2007. I am about 95% sure it means “real v-twin” I read this on the Honda website a few months back. You guys might be right with the racing but I think its “real”

Does Honda make a V4 motorcycle?

Honda has been making V4 motorcycles for the mass market for decades. In fact, before the VFR800 there were other V4 motorcycles that Honda made, like the VF750.

What size is a RC51?

Honda RC51 Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Fuel system Injection. Programmed Fuel Injection with two injectors per cylinder
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity 999.00 ccm (60.96 cubic inches)
Bore x Stroke 100.0 x 63.6 mm (3.9 x 2.5 inches)
Compression Ratio 10.8:1

What does Honda RC stand for?

The large majority of works racing motorcycles manufactured by the motorcycle racing division of Honda of Japan, currently called Honda Racing Corporation (HRC, previously called the Racing Service Center), carry the iconic prefix RC.

What does VFR stand for in Honda motorcycles?

V-Four Racing
The VFR — that stands for V-Four Racing — also is known as the Interceptor, and it is renowned for the V4 engine based on the Honda RC30 racer that lapped the Isle of Man.

What did Honda do to the RC51 in 2002?

So it is for 2002: A multitude of tweaks have arrived to make the ’02 RC51 more competitive on the track, but the trickle-down effect is that the bike is now much improved for puck-wearing plebes. For ’02, Honda chose to tweak the engine a bit, put the entire bike on a part-by-part diet and significantly revise the suspension, chassis and swingarm.

How much does a Honda RC51 bike cost?

The RC51’s booming exhaust note had a sound different than the Ducati twins, and surely unlike any other Japanese bike in production. The bike’s HRC heritage could be seen throughout its design and was proudly displayed on the engine cases. And not only did Honda make a works racing replica machine, they offered it at a very affordable $9999.

How many horsepower does a Honda RC51 VTR 1000 have?

(Don’t tell Nicky; he’s got a sweet tooth.) The new motor feels same-same in terms of power output; Honda claims a two-horsepower increase for 128 hp at the crank–but the low-rev snatchiness is nowhere to be found. The engine is warmed over, but as Honda’s Doug Toland said at the intro, “All of the ‘magic’ of this bike is in the chassis.”

What kind of swingarm does a Honda RC51 have?

The new swingarm was basically the SP1 race kit model, stretching the wheelbase by 16mm while adding rigidity and cutting weight in the process. The SP2 model had a taller (1.2 inches) windscreen developed from Colin Edwards’ World Superbike mount, as well as redesigned mufflers for less weight.

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