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What percent of Romania is Muslim?

What percent of Romania is Muslim?

0.3 percent
Islam in Romania is followed by only 0.3 percent of population, but has 700 years of tradition in Northern Dobruja, a region on the Black Sea coast which was part of the Ottoman Empire for almost five centuries (ca.

Who is famous in Romania?

Top 10

No Name
1 Stephen the Great (1435–1504)
2 Carol I (1839–1914)
3 Mihai Eminescu (1850–1889)
4 Mihai Viteazul (1558–1601)

Are there many Muslims in Romania?

Some of the region’s Muslims left for Turkey, but others stayed on; their descendants now form the backbone of Romania’s Muslim community of about 64,000 people, roughly 0.34 percent of the country’s population.

Is Romania an Arab country?

Most of these students returned to their countries of origin, but some remained in Romania starting families here. It is estimated that almost half a million Middle Eastern Arabs studied in Romania during the 1980s. Most Arabs in Romania are Muslim, but there are also Christian Arabs.

What is Romania biggest export?

Main export goods

Rank Product Value ($ billion)
1 Vehicle parts 7.09
2 Insulated wire 4.55
3 Cars 4.04
4 Refined petroleum 1.96

Who are some famous people that are Muslims?

American hip-hop artist Busta Rhymes, born Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr., is a proud Muslim and attributes much of his success to the way in which his faith has kept him grounded. In a 2007 interview with Hollywood TV, Rhymes said, “I try to really just understand every aspect about the most high. For me, the most high is Allah…

Who are some famous Muslim women in Britain?

Fareena Alam – Editor of British Muslim Magazine Q News. She was named Media Professional of the Year by Islamic Relief in 2005 and at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards in 2006. Lisa Aziz – news presenter, and journalist.

Who are some Muslims in the US media?

Amna Nawaz – Pakistani-American anchor and correspondent for PBS Newshour. A. N. M. Serajur Rahman – journalist, broadcaster, and Bangladeshi nationalist. Tahera Rahman – newscaster for WHBF-TV and KLJB. Widely-covered by the media for being the first American hijabi Muslim newscaster.

Who are some famous people who have converted to Islam?

Yusuf Islam, the folk music artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, publicly converted to Islam in 1977. Over the next few years, he changed his name, auctioned off all his guitars for charity, and left his successful music career behind, saying it ran counter to his faith. Then, a few months after 9/11, he picked up a guitar again.

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