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How do you get unlimited health in Delta Force Black Hawk Down?

How do you get unlimited health in Delta Force Black Hawk Down?

To enter cheats, press the tilde (~) key and type the code into the prompt….Delta Force: Black Hawk Down PC Cheat Codes.

Cheat Code Effect
91d428aa Grants more health.
43b24753 Grants invisibility.
fc1ef2ed Maxes out your ammo.
3cfe170c Grants unlimited ammo.

Can I run Delta Force Black Hawk Down?

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down will run on PC system with Windows 2000, XP & Vista and upwards….Can I Run Delta Force: Black Hawk Down?

Download : Via Steam
Developer : NovaLogic
Publishers : THQ Nordic NovaLogic
Category : Action
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Release Date : 18th of June 2009

Can you still play Delta Force Black Hawk Down Online?

Once you have tested your skills against the single player missions, you can see how you fare against human opponents. Delta Force – Black Hawk Down is fully supported by our online battleground called NovaWorld and can also be played by up to 16 players over a LAN/IP.

Is there a Black Hawk Down game?

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a first-person shooter video game developed by NovaLogic. It was released for Microsoft Windows on March 23, 2003; for Mac OS X in July 2004; and for PlayStation 2 and Xbox on July 26, 2005. It is the 6th game of the Delta Force series.

How do you activate cheats in Delta Force Black Hawk Down?

Cheat List. While playing, press ~ to drop the developer console. Type a cheat then press ENTER to activate it.

What happened to novalogic?

THQ Nordic has acquired the rights to all games made by defunct publisher Novalogic. That includes the rights to titles, such as Delta Force, Comanche, Joint Operations, and more. The deal is the latest in a series of game intellectual property acquisitions for Vienna, Austria-based THQ Nordic.

Is Black Hawk Down on Steam?

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down on Steam.

How many GB is Delta Force?

Delta Force Windows Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Memory Memory 32 MB
Storage Storage 285 MB
Graphics Graphics SVGA with 16 MB
Sound Card Sound Card DirectX-compliant

What happened to the Delta Force games?

What is the latest Delta Force PC game?

The latest game in the series is Delta Force: Xtreme 2, released in 2009. Another game titled Delta Force: Angel Falls was announced but never released due to NovaLogic’s closure in 2016.

What is NovaWorld?

In 1997, NovaLogic launched its free online matchmaking service, NovaWorld. The service allowed for large online battles and stat tracking.

How do I download Delta Force Land Warrior?


  1. Click the Download button below and you will be redirected to UploadHaven.
  2. Once the game is finished downloading, right click the . zip file and click on “Extract to Delta Force: Land Warrior v1. 00.42.
  3. Double click inside the Delta Force: Land Warrior v1. 00.42 folder and run the setup application.

How to download Delta Force Black Hawk Down?

Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Consumers want conflict. They want violence and war, rivers of blood and viscera, and they want it in a form they can identify with.

Is there a free version of Black Hawk Down?

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Game Review – Download and Play Free Version! Experience the thrill of fighting with the elite Delta Force in dangerous Somalia! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What kind of engine is Black Hawk Down?

Black Hawk Down, on the other hand, the first significant Delta Force game since Land Warrior, is a visually striking piece of software. It’s being built on a modified Comanche 4 engine, which has adapted remarkably well to powering a first/third-person shooter.

What kind of weapons do you have in Black Hawk Down?

In Delta Force Black Hawk Down, before each mission and in multiplayer, you will get to choose a range of weapons to equip yourself including: Rifles – M16 (w & w/o granade launcher), M21 Sniper rifles – M24, MCRT .300 tactical magnum, Barrett .50 cal Machine guns – SAW, M60, M240 Submachine guns and carbines – MP5, CAR 15

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