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How do you take care of a Tolumnia orchid?

How do you take care of a Tolumnia orchid?

Tolumnia (Equitant Oncidium) Basics

  1. Temperature should ideally range from a low near 60F to a high of 80-85F.
  2. Light should be bright but diffused.
  3. Watering should be done as often as the plants dry out.
  4. Fertilizing can be done at regular intervals with a dilute (1/4- to 1/2-strength) balanced fertilizer.

Are Tolumnia orchids fragrant?

Tolumnia variegata is a miniature species related to Oncidiums that loves plenty of air and warmth. Grow mounted or in an open pot with a little coarse material. Blooms on and off all year; flowers are long-lasting and fragrant.

How long do Tolumnia blooms last?

Tolumnia flowers last 2 weeks to one to two months. Most of mine last just around a month , but it depends on the plant. Don’t cut spikes, either… They will very often rebloom on the spike.

How do you make Tolumnia bloom?

To stimulate flowering, Tolumnia needs a clearly defined period of rest. It is necessary for the period from November to February, and is that the orchids contain much drier than usual, and do not fertilize.

How do you propagate Tolumnia?

Potting , Media and Propagation Mounting is the method of choice; at least for a start. Twigs, cork bark, small wood or tree-fern plaques all work well. Place a pad of moss or coconut fiber around the roots. A daily light misting will help establish growth.

How do I Bloom Tolumnia?

Provide bright, diffused light that is somewhere between the optimal for phalaenopsis and that for cattleyas. The general rule of thumb is if shadows on the orchid bench are just discernible, the light is about right. Plants that are growing well but reluctant to bloom usually need an increase in light intensity.

What do you need to know about a Tolumnia?

Once the right combination of factors is found, these little gems will work hard to please you. There are two basic requirements that must be observed whether Tolumnias are grown outdoors, in a greenhouse, on a windowsill or under lights: air movement must be good, and the plants must not be overwatered.

How to take care of a Tolumnia orchid?

Knowing and understanding the natural environment in which tolumnia orchids grow is the foundation of good orchid care.

What kind of fertilizer to use on Tolumnia?

Mounted plants benefit from daily misting, and the risk of overwatering is diminished. Those in pots should be monitored carefully at first to determine watering intervals. Overwatering encourages root rot. Fertilizing can be done at regular intervals with a dilute (1/4- to 1/2-strength) balanced fertilizer.

Do you need a drill to mount a Tolumnia?

Mounting, and certainly remounting, can be troublesome, however, and will require additional tools and materials such as fishing line and perhaps a drill. If you need some assistance in figuring out how to mount your tolumnia, there is plenty of help available online.

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