How much is Mii amo?

How much is Mii amo?

For a single guest room, four-day stay, which includes a king or queen bed, it costs around $3,869 per person. For a four-day stay in the spa suite, it costs around $5,122 per person; and for the Mii Amo luxury suite, it costs around $6,358 for a single person to stay for four days.

How many rooms at Mii amo?

16 guest rooms
Mii amo Resort hosts 16 guest rooms and suites, each offering luxurious finishings and an intimate setting.

Is Mii Amo pet friendly?

A Sedona Pet-Friendly Resort While pets are allowed throughout many areas of Enchantment Resort, for the most enjoyable comfort of all our guests, pets are not allowed in the resort lobby, restaurants, pools, tennis courts, fitness center or at Mii amo.

When was Enchantment Resort built?

In 1987, the ranch of John Gardiner opened on these beautiful grounds, and guests from around the world have responded enthusiastically.

Why is Mii Amo closed?

“Working with the most up-to-date information available on the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations, federal and state mandates and the scientific evidence on how the virus spreads, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo,” the news release stated.

How do you get to Sedona AZ?

119 miles; 2 hour drive from Phoenix to Sedona Flagstaff Airport is the closest small commercial airport to Sedona, just a 40-minute scenic drive away through Oak Creek Canyon. Fly United or American Airlines now connecting through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX, Denver International (DEN) and Dallas Ft. Worth (DFW).

Are dogs allowed in Sedona AZ?

Leashed dogs are welcome in the park, but are not permitted near the creek and swimming areas. Admission is $10 to $30 per vehicle. Slide Rock State Park, located just outside of Sedona, AZ, is a 43-acre park in Oak Creek Canyon.

Who owns the Enchantment Resort in Sedona?

Enchantment Group Appoints Alex Kim as President It oversees the management and development of four independent, luxury destination resorts: Enchantment Resort and Mii amo (Sedona, AZ), The Tides Inn (Irvington, VA) and The Cove, Eleuthera (Eleuthera, the Bahamas).

How many nights at Mii Amo in Sedona AZ?

Through timeless-inspired methods, we’ll help you to feel, hear, trust and embrace the power that lives within you – a world of vibrant health and wellbeing. Offering rich immersion in Native American beauty, energy and inspiration, guests are invited to embark on 3, 4 or 7 night all-inclusive Journeys.

Is there a bridge between Mii Amo and Sedona?

Imagined as a bridge between your time at Mii amo, your return home and until you return to the Canyon, Mii time encourages you to continue to nurture your practice. Follow us on social media which will feature continuously new content designed to keep you Seeking In.

When does the new Mii Amo spa open?

We look forward to sharing more about the thoughtful design enhancements, exclusive Journey amenities and all-new guest experiences to come when Mii amo re-opens in the spring of 2022.

Where to nurture your soul at Mii Amo?

To learn more about what we will be offered at Enchantment Resort, please visit Spa Suites at Boynton Canyon on the resort website. Imagined as a bridge between your time at Mii amo, your return home and until you return to the Canyon, Mii time encourages you to continue to nurture your practice.

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