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What is a connotation for talkative?

What is a connotation for talkative?

talkative, loquacious, garrulous, voluble mean given to talk or talking. talkative may imply a readiness to engage in talk or a disposition to enjoy conversation. a talkative neighbor loquacious suggests the power of expressing oneself articulately, fluently, or glibly.

What is a positive connotation for talkative?

Interestingly, talkative can be used with either a positive or negative connotation, but, for the most part, it’s a fairly positive word. I could say “My talkative friend easily navigates from conversation to conversation;” here, the word “talkative” suggests my friend is a facile communicator.

What is a negative connotation for talkative?

Tending to talk a lot. Antonyms: quiet, silent, uncommunicative, terse, monosyllabic, withdrawn, mute, dour, laconic, sullen, taciturn. Synonyms: gabby, outgoing, indiscreet, verbose, chatty, talksome, long-winded, outspoken, loquacious, logorrheic, garrulous.

What is a word for someone who talks a lot?

Motormouth. noun : a person who talks excessively.

How do you describe a talkative person?

A person who is talkative likes to talk — she’s friendly and ready to gab at all times about just about anything. Talkative people can also be described as chatty, garrulous, loquacious, talky, and likely to talk your ear off. If you don’t feel like chatting, you’d better avoid talkative people.

How do you say someone is talkative in a nice way?

synonyms for talkative

  1. articulate.
  2. chatty.
  3. effusive.
  4. garrulous.
  5. glib.
  6. loquacious.
  7. voluble.
  8. eloquent.

How do you politely say someone talks too much?

A good example is to set the stage by beginning with the situation where the problem occurred: “I’d like to talk to you about the group discussion we had in our meeting today.” Then, note the specific behavior that caused a problem: “When Mark tried to speak, you continued to talk over him for several minutes.” Finally …

What is a positive word for talkative?

The positive words for talkative are zestful, exuberant, chatty, gabby etc. Talkative can fall between neutral and negative. Jabbering has negative connotations with announce. Chatty has positive connotation, it has friendly tone. A positive word for talkative?

Which is an example of a positive connotation?

Take a look at Connotative Words: Examples and Exercises. There, we review why connotation is so important, and demonstrate the positive, neutral and negative connotations of words. Positive: Yesterday’s workout was a challenge.

When to use a synonym or a connotative word?

If you aren’t fully aware of a word’s connotation, you may choose an inappropriate synonym in your writing, which can lead to confusion or even to your reader taking offense. If you say that you want to do something different for your birthday this year, that doesn’t convey the same meaning as if you said you wanted to do something unique.

Is the word voluble a synonym for talkative?

Although the words voluble and talkative have much in common, voluble suggests a free, easy, and unending loquacity. Get Word of the Day daily email! Which of the following animals has a dog in its etymology?

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