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Where is fantastic furniture furniture made?

Where is fantastic furniture furniture made?

We manufacture a large range of sofas and mattresses here in Australia in our own factories. Operating to world’s best practice, we take out the middleman and pass the savings on to you.

Where is fantastic made?

Sydney, Australia
Fantastic Holdings Limited (FHL) engages in the retail, manufacture and import of entry level household furniture based in Sydney, Australia.

When did fantastic furniture start?

The Fantastic story began with a humble stall at Sydney’s Parklea markets in 1989. Today, we’re proud to be Australia’s best value furniture and bedding retailer.

Who is the CEO of Fantastic Furniture?

Kieron Ritchard –
Kieron Ritchard – Chief Executive Officer – Fantastic Furniture | LinkedIn.

Who makes fantastic furniture?

Greenlit Brands
Fantastic Furniture

Type Public company (ASX: FAN)
Products Household furniture
Number of employees 1,000+ (2019)
Parent Greenlit Brands

Who owns Super Amart?

Quadrant Private Equity
Amart is majority owned by Australian private equity firm Quadrant Private Equity, who took full control of the retailer in 2016. The deal valued Super Amart at about $400 million.

Is Brosa furniture made in Australia?

Brosa Furniture: Offering premium furniture at cut-back prices, Australian furniture brand Brosa keeps costs down and money in the country by only using an in-house team. Its studios are based in Sydney and Melbourne and its mattresses are handcrafted in Australia.

Is King furniture Australian-made?

As a vertically integrated business, King maintains complete, end-to-end control of all processes, including design, manufacture, and delivery. King furniture is manufactured both in Australia and China from a state-of-the-art facility owned and operated by King.

Is plush furniture Australian-made?

Legendary and long-lasting. As with all of our beautiful Plush sofas, our Australian-Made products are hand-crafted with care, constructed with quality timbers and foams, and built to stand the test of time with the Plush 10 Year Peace of Mind Warranty®.

Is Amart furniture made in China?

Amart Furniture Amart Furniture is an Australian retailer of furniture, bedding and homewares. All products sourced directly by Amart Furniture from overseas suppliers originate from supply chains based in the Asia region, principally China, Vietnam and Malaysia, in order of volume.

Is Amart furniture made in Australia?

Amart Furniture is an Australian manufacturer of indoor and outdoor furniture, bedding, and homewares.

Is any furniture made in Australia?

Furniture made in Australia is produced according to the highest manufacturing standards so you can be sure that you are buying quality. Buying Australian supports local industry and jobs, so you can give back to the community while you make your home more comfortable.

Who are the owners of Fantastic Furniture Australia?

Fantastic Furniture is an Australian owned and operated furniture retailer. The company operates under Fantastic Holdings Limited (FHL). Fantastic Furniture started as a market stall at Sydney’s Park-lea Markets in 1989, by friends Paul Harding and Jonathan De Jong, selling outdoor furniture.

Which is the best furniture store in Australia?

Fantastic Furniture is Australia’s Best Value Furniture and Bedding store, with over 75 stores nationally. You can now shop and buy furniture online! View our sofas, dining, mattresses and bedroom furniture, kids & nursery furniture, office, storage, lamps, rugs and amazing value furniture Package Deals!

Is it possible to buy furniture from fantastic online?

At Fantastic, we are committed to providing you with the largest range of furniture at the lowest prices guaranteed. As we expand our range, we simply cannot showcase everything in our stores, so we’ve added them online! Online only items are eligible for our 30-Day Change of Mind policy* and our Fantastic Quality Guarantee.

Where was the first Fantastic Furniture Store located?

Fantastic Furniture started as a market stall at Sydney’s Park-lea Markets in 1989, by friends Paul Harding and Jonathan De Jong, selling outdoor furniture. Two years later, the first Fantastic Furniture public store opened at Birkenhead Point, New South Wales (NSW).

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