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What do you use mysterious shells for in Minish Cap?

What do you use mysterious shells for in Minish Cap?

The Minish Cap Mysterious Shells are used to buy Figurines from the Figurine Gallery, which is found in Hyrule Town. They are found all over Hyrule inside Treasure Chests, bushes, and Rocks. Using Green Picolyte will increase Link’s chance of finding Mysterious Shells.

How do you get shells in Minish Cap?

Once the Picolyte runs out,go back to the shop in Hyrule Town and purchase the Seashells they have on display, 200 rupees for 30 shells, until you have only 300 rupees or more left, then go back to the Picolyte salesman and repeat the trick all over again and again until you have as many shells as you need.

What do you get for 50 secret seashells?

Link’s Awakening Secret Seashell rewards

Secret Seashells Reward
Secret Seashells Reward
30 Tile for Dampe’s Dungeon Maker challenges
40 Koholint Sword
50 Modifier tile for Dampe’s Dungeon Maker

What can you do with secret shells?

Secret Seashells can be taken to the Seashell Mansion, found south of Kanalet Castle in the east of Ukuku Prarie. At certain numbers of Seashells, you’ll receive various rewards.

How many seashells do you need for a sword?

40 Seashells
How to Get Koholint Sword. Get the Koholint Sword by collecting 40 Seashells and turning them in at the Seashell Mansion. You can find the Seashell Mansion just southeast of Kanalet Castle.

What is the fastest way to get rupees in Minish Cap?

Hyrule Town

  1. 100 rupees: As a “Minish”, get in the bakery from behind and climb behind Wheaton.
  2. 100 rupees: [Mole Mitts required] Inside a sand cave, south of the mayor’s house.
  3. 100 rupees: In the school’s basement, by blowing up a dozen of bombs on the right (after the Temple of Droplets)

What happens when you get all 50 Secret Seashells?

Exchanging Secret Seashells in the Seashell Mansion will give you the following rewards: Exchanging 30 Secret Seashells rewards you with a Chamber Stone. Exchanging 40 Secret Seashells rewards you with the Koholint Sword. Exchanging 50 Secret Seashells rewards you with a Chamber Dungeon Modifier.

How do I activate Seashell Mansion warp?

The Seashell Mansion warp portal is located just east of Seashell Mansion. To activate it, look for the faint emblem on the ground on a small dirt circle.

Does the Koholint sword stack with red tunic?

Yes, both the red tunic and the sword upgrade stack in the remake and original.

How do you get to Lon Lon Ranch in Minish Cap?

The Minish Cap walkthrough

  1. Blow up the small rocks, then go south. Get in the pen of Lon Lon Ranch.
  2. Go south, then go east and enter Syrup’s shop. Talk to the witch, then lift the toadstool and talk to her again.
  3. Go back to the town, to the shoemaker. Speak to him to wake him up and you will receive the Pegasus Boots!

Where do you find the Secret Seashell in Zelda?

Swim over and slash the bush to find a Secret Seashell. Secret Seashell #37 – After acquiring the Magnifying Lens, return to Animal Village and enter the house at the northeast corner. The Secret Zora is now visible and if you talk to him, he will give Link a Secret Seashell.

Where are the secret seashells in link’s Awakening?

1. Under a bush in the eastern part of Mabe Village (D11) 2. At Mabe Village, at the Trendy Game, pay 10 rupees to play (after catching the heart piece) 3. [Deluxe Shovel required] In BowWow’s doghouse (B11) 38. [After completing the 4th temple] At the Trendy Game, pay 10 rupees to play 39.

Do you have to go to seashell mansion?

Contrary to the GameBoy version, there is no need to go to Seashell Mansion when you have the exact number of shells, you can even get two rewards in only one visit. Secret Seashells shown in italics are only available on Switch. The numbers indicate the order in which the seashells can be obtained (more or less, according to certain choices).

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