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How do I set up an agent in UCCX?

How do I set up an agent in UCCX?

In the Mobile Information section, select Enable Mobility. In Permissions, add Standard CCM End user and Standard CTI enabled. Navigate to User Management > Assign Presence End Users. Click the Agent User ID that you want to set up and then choose Assign Selected Users.

What is Fippa UCCX?

There is only a Cisco Finesse appliance that co-resides on UCCX and handles both Web browser based Agent Desktop as well as IP Phone Agent – now packaged as Finesse IP Phone Agent (FIPPA).

How do I change my Cisco IP phone settings?

Using the Phone’s Network Configuration Screen (Cisco IP Phone Models 7905G/7912G) Step 1 Press the Menu button. Step 2 Use the Navigation button to select Settings, and then press the Select softkey. Step 3 Use the Navigation button to select Network Configuration, and then press the Select softkey.

What is finesse IP Phone Agent?

With Finesse IP Phone Agent (IPPA), you can access Finesse features on your Cisco IP Phone as an alternative to accessing Finesse through your browser.

What is UCCX server?

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) is a “contact center in a box” that provides a secure and easy to deploy customer interaction management solution for up to 400 agents. Unified CCX provides options to address multiple contact center functional areas such as: Inbound voice.

Is there a Cisco Finesse app?

The mobile agent app is a Cisco Finesse and chat version for iPhone/ Android. Agents can support customers using their mobile phones, in the absence of a desktop or a VPN connection.

What is Cisco Unified CCX software?

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express provides a secure, available, and sophisticated contact center software solution for up to 400 agents and interactive voice response (IVR) ports that is easy to deploy and manage.

How do I access Cisco Finesse administration console?

Sign In to Cisco Finesse Administration Console

  1. Direct your browser to http://FQDN/cfadmin, where FQDN is the fully qualified domain name of your primary Finesse server.
  2. The first time you access the administration console using HTTPS, you are prompted to trust the self-signed certificate provided with Finesse.

How do I configure my Cisco 7912 IP phone?

  1. Cisco 7912 IP Phone Feature and Key Overview.
  2. Basic Features.
  3. Installing the IP Phone and Connecting to the Network. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Network port (left port) on the phone.
  4. Press the NewCall soft key and dial the number. Internal Extension:
  5. Press the Answer soft key. End a Call.
  6. Soft Features.

How do I unlock a Cisco IP phone?

1. Unlock Settings – *, *, #.

  1. Go to the Settings page of the phone.
  2. While in the settings page, press *, *, # (star, star, pound) about 1/2 second apart.
  3. The phone will display “Settings Unlocked” and allow you to make changes.

What is finesse phone system?

What is Finesse phone system? Cisco Finesse is a service that runs inside Cisco UCCX or as a separate virtual server in Cisco UCCE and PCCE. It offers call center agent functionality which includes managing agent’s phone, answering incoming calls, making calls and other call control features.

How do I get Finesse desktop logs?

  1. In Finesse Server, log in using CLI access.
  2. Issue the command to collect the desktop logs for X number of daye (example X=1 )

How does IPPA service work in Cisco uccx?

Agent has to be in READY state before the call is triggered to them. Cisco IPPA Service has to be configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager like an Extension Mobility Service and the service has to be assigned to Agents.

How to add finesse Tomcat to uccx agent?

Step 1. Add the service after UCCX agent configuration. Configure the Agent Phone and End user. Finesse Tomcat must be [STARTED]. Configure the FIPPA Service as an IP Phone Service on the Node – One service per node. This is done on CUCM admin > Device > Device Settings > Phone Services.

Is there Cisco finesse for uccx 11.x?

From UCCX 11.X onwards, Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD – the calabrio product suite) has been deferred and Cisco Finesse is the only Agent Desktop product suite available on UCCX. In addition, there no desktop services or CCX Lightweight Access Point (LDAP) exist.

Can a Cisco phone agent take a call?

Cisco Agent Desktop on Windows machine or Cisco IP Phone Agent Service (IPPA) on IP Phone allow agents to take calls whey the call comes into the Queue. Agent has to be in READY state before the call is triggered to them.

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