Where does Carr Lane Manufacturing make their parts?

Where does Carr Lane Manufacturing make their parts?

Carr Lane Manufacturing is proud to manufacture tooling components and industrial parts in the USA. Most of the products sold by Carr Lane Manufacturing are made by Carr Lane our own employees at either our St. Louis, MO, plant or the plant located in Austin, TX. Carr Lane Manufacturing is proud to be a woman-owned small business.

How much does a Carr Lane catalog cost?

Pricing is not available for some items within your search. Pricing for these items will be displayed as POR (Price on Request). Please contact Carr Lane Manufacturing Customer Service at 1-800-555-1212 for pricing details on these products. Carr Lane Mfg. requires an order minimum of $75.00 to ship to your location.

What’s the privacy policy of Carr Lane Mfg?

We always put our customers first! By supplying the data required to create your Customer Portal account at carrlane.com, you are agreeing to the terms of our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Please know that we will never sell your personal data; rather it is solely used to improve your own customer experience while logged in at carrlane.com.

Where can I find a Carr Lane CAD drawing?

Request a special parts quote. CAD drawings are available to download for most products to assist with your purchasing decision, and most Carr Lane products are proudly made in the USA. Browse our complete online catalog of tooling components below.


Where to get free CAD drawings from Carr Lane?

* Free, Downloadable CAD Drawings are Available Through our Online Catalog – Carr Lane’s comprehensive database of CAD drawings features over 18,000 product files. Just click on the part number you are interested in to download today!

What kind of toggle clamps does Carr Lane use?

Carr Lane Mfg.’s line of Toggle Clamps is cost-effective, reliable and are easy for any user to pick up and use. Watch them in action to see which is right for your solution!

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