How much does it cost to go to John McGlashan?

How much does it cost to go to John McGlashan?

Academic Cost Tuition fees for the year are $11250.00, or $2812.50 per term.

What religion is John McGlashan college?

the Christian faith
Our Mission for John McGlashan College is to grow students who are well-educated men of character. These men will be innovative, lifelong learners who are grounded in the values of the Christian faith. They will be active contributors to local and global societies.

Is John McGlashan private?

Originally established as a Presbyterian private school, John McGlashan College integrated into the state system in 1989….

John McGlashan College
Established 1918
Ministry of Education Institution no. 387
Principal Neil Garry
School roll 537 (March 2021)

When did balmacewen open?

Balmacewen Intermediate School
Type State (Public) co-educational intermediate (Year 7-8)
Motto Learning is Forever
Established 1964

Is Columba College a private school?

Columba College was established in 1915 by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand as a private day and boarding school for girls with co-educational primary classes.

How many intermediate schools are in Dunedin?

Unlike other major cities in New Zealand, Dunedin does not have any private intermediate or high schools.

What decile is Columba College?

Columba College

Columba College Coláiste Choilm
Principal Pauline Duthie (2019-)
School roll 594 (March 2021)
Socio-economic decile 10Z
Website columbacollege.school.nz

What decile is wakari school?

Decile 8
Wakari School is a Decile 8 Primary School in the greater Dunedin area, catering for children Years 0 to 6. The school is based around 12 to 14 composite classes and these are divided into three syndicates.

What decile is Otago Girls?

Decile1 9
1 School deciles range from one to ten….About The School.

School type Secondary (Year 9 – 13)
Decile1 9
School roll 827
Number of international students 25
Gender composition Female 100%

What is a wakari?

Wakari is an anglicisation of the Māori Whakaari, “exposed to view”. This is the Māori name for the hill, Flagstaff, which lies 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) to the northwest. A shibboleth is that many (though not all) local residents pronounce the name as “wy-kar-ree” (/waɪˌkæriː/).

How many students are at Otago Girls?

Student Population: Trends

Ethnic group Gender 2018
International Total 52
Total Female 837
Total Male 0
Total Total 837

How many boys are in Otago Boys High School?

148 boys
Otago Boys’ High School Hostel is owned by the school and accommodates 148 boys, including 20 international students.

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