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How much is a 1937 penny worth in good condition?

How much is a 1937 penny worth in good condition?

The 1937 D wheat penny is worth around $0.15 in good condition. In very fine condition the value is around $0.40. In extremely fine condition the value is around $1. In uncirculated condition the price is around $5 for coins with an MS 60 grade.

How much is a 1937 penny wheat penny worth?

Pricing the 1937 Lincoln Penny

1937 Lincoln Penny $0.15 $2
1937 Lincoln Penny (D) $0.15 $3
1937 Lincoln Penny (S) $0.15 $3
Source: Red Book

How much is a 1930s penny worth?

1930 Penny Value

1930 Lincoln Penny Value
Condition of Coin
1930 $0.04 $3
1930 D $0.14 $7
1930 S $0.14 $6

Why is 1930 Penny so valuable?

In 1930 only six proof pennies were made. Proof pennies are the first pennies run slowly off the minting presses to get a perfect finish. But it’s not just the 1930 proof penny that is extremely valuable. In 1930 workers at the mint ran off an estimated 1500 to 2000 pennies that made it into circulation.

Is a 1937 penny valuable?

A circulated 1937-S penny is worth 10 to 20 cents. An uncirculated version is worth about $2 and up. Amazingly, one 1937-S Lincoln cent graded by PCGS as MS-67+ Red sold in 2014 for $2,350.

Is a 1937 penny rare?

1937-S Lincoln Penny Of the three 1937 varieties; San Francisco mint produced the fewest coins – 34,500,000. Enough were saved from circulation it is Abundant on the rarity scale. Available today in average worn condition indicated by values on the chart.

Is a 1937 wheat penny rare?

Is the 1930 Penny valuable?

Like other 1930 pennies, the 1930-S Lincoln cent is very rare in top condition. They’re worth around 40 cents to $1.50 in typical circulated grades and about $15 or more in uncirculated condition. The most valuable 1930-S penny was graded MS-67 Red by PCGS and sold for a whopping $33,350 in 2004.

How can you tell if a 1930 penny is real?

The zero in the date of a genuine 1930 penny will exhibit a fat and wide “0”, while most forgeries tend to show a more elongated and narrow “0”. Any visible evidence of tampering with the coin, such as a slight difference in surface colour or any scratch, dent or mark around the date should give cause for caution.

Is a 1930 penny valuable?

Why is the 1933 penny so rare?

The reason so few were produced was that the Royal Mint had a surplus of penny coins in 1932, and did not need any more in the following year. Most of the 1933 pennies are in private hands, although one of the Pattern versions is in the Royal Mint’s museum.

How rare is a 1952 penny?

A 1952 no mintmark penny that is uncirculated, or in Mint State condition — 75 cents or more. A 1952-D penny that is uncirculated, or Mint State — 75 cents or more. A 1952-S penny in Mint State condition — $1.25+ Proof 1952 pennies (which were made at the Philadelphia Mint for coin collectors) — $15 to $3,000.

What kind of Penny was struck in 1930?

Branch mint varieties are the less encountered. Above average condition examples are sought by collectors. Collectors consider a 1930 Philadelphia cent as a coin struck in the early era of Lincoln wheat series.

What’s the condition of a 1937 Lincoln penny?

For collectors, the condition a 1937 Lincoln penny is in means absolutely everything. As such, almost all of these coins will be graded. For those who may not be familiar, a coin’s grade is nothing more than a one or two word description of its condition. Below is an outline that briefly explains the different coin grades as well as what they mean.

Where can I find a 1937 D Penny?

The 1937-D penny from the Denver Mint is a little scarcer than the 1937 Philadelphia penny — as it has a much smaller mintage of 50,430,000 pieces. However, it’s still common enough that it can be easily found at coin shops and in coin collections.

Which is the most valuable 1937 Lincoln cent?

The record for the most valuable 1937-D Lincoln cent goes to one that was graded by PCGS and graded MS-68 Red. It realized $17,250 at a 2006 auction.

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