Which is better QTP or selenium?

Which is better QTP or selenium?

Selenium is a tool for testing the software. There is no need of learning a test scripting language because Selenium provides a playback tool for authoring functional tests without learning it. QTP stands for QuickTest Professional….Difference between Selenium and QTP.

Selenium QTP
Selenium is less user friendly. QTP is user friendly.

What is the difference between QTP and Selenium?

QTP/UFT only supports the VBScript programming language. Test scripts cannot be written in any other language. Selenium, however, supports a wide range of programming languages….Selenium vs QTP//UFT.

Features Selenium QTP/UFT
Flexibility Runs across all the browsers Supports only Windows
License Open-source Licensed

Which is not an advantage of selenium over QTP?

Selenium Advantages It supports only VBScript programming language and the test scripts cannot be written in any other languages. These test scripts run only on windows environment and do not provide support across all the browsers. QTP does not support different IDEs. It works only on QTP developed IDE.

Why testers should opt for selenium and not QTP?

With Selenium, you can easily build Data Driven and Keyword Driven automation framework. Selenium WebDriver runs faster than Selenium RC. It supports executing test on headless browsers. Selenium also supports iOS and Android platform.

Does selenium require a license?

Selenium provides a playback tool for authoring functional tests without the need to learn a test scripting language (Selenium IDE)….Selenium (software)

Operating system Cross-platform
Type Software testing framework for web applications
License Apache License 2.0

What are the various testing levels?

4 Levels of Software Testing: Performers, Steps, and Objectives

  • Unit Testing.
  • Integration Testing.
  • System Testing.
  • Acceptance Testing.

What are the pros and cons of selenium?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium

  • 1) Selenium is an Open Source Software.
  • 2) Selenium supports various programming languages to write programs (Test scripts)
  • 1) No reliable Technical Support from anybody.
  • 2) It supports Web-based applications only.
  • 3) Difficult to use, takes more time to create Test cases.

What is the difference between QTP and selenium?

Using Selenium, we can run our tests in 9 different types of browsers, whereas in QTP, we can run only in chrome, firefox, IE 11 and Safari. QTP has a built-in capability to export test data into an external format, whereas Selenium has no capability to export runtime data to an external format.

What’s the difference between HP UFT and selenium?

HP UFT (QTP) Selenium. It is commercial tool by Micro Focus and hence it requires a license and is expensive. Its an open source testing tool hence it does not require license and is free. It is used for testing client-server applications. It can test web- based as well as desktop applications.

What’s the difference between selenium and HP ALM?

Latest version of HP ALM supports code that was developed 5 years back With new Selenium release the API changes. So Test Scripts need to be updated Selenium is an open-source testing tool and it doesn’t require a license whereas HP UFT is a commercial tool by Micro Focus and hence it requires a license.

What’s the difference between QTP and quick test professional?

QTP is a Quick Test Professional, which is an automation functional testing tool. With QTP we can automate user actions, windows, and web-based computer applications and test the same actions for different users. For testing we can start QTP and login activity, it will record steps and able to run the same steps in the future.

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