Are thunder trucks the best?

Are thunder trucks the best?

Skaters like Thunder because of their grinding performance. Thunders seem to perform a bit better on the street but also wear down quicker compared to Indys. Another often mentioned benefit is that they turn quicker and are more responsive.

Is Alex Midler sponsored by Nike?

At the age of 13 he started getting paid by his sponsors, a list that now includes top brands such as Nike, Red Bull, and Volcom.

What size deck does Alex Midler skate?

Zuma Midler 8.0″ Skateboard Deck from SOVRN. Signature Alex Midler pro model.

Is Alex Midler a pro?

About Alex He turned pro with SOVRN Skateboards in April 2018 after building a long resume on the amateur contest circuit and has since competed against the pros at the Street League London Pro Open Qualifiers (5th), Simple Session (5th) and Tampa Pro (9th) in addition to his 13th at Minneapolis.

What trucks are best for street skating?

10+ Best Skateboard Trucks (Bought & Tested)

  • Venture Trucks. Standard Venture Trucks. Venture V-Lights. Venture V-Titanium.
  • Tensor Trucks. Tensor Maglight. Tensor Aluminum.
  • Grind King Trucks. Grind King Disruptor. Grind King Sparks.
  • Paris Trucks Co. Paris V2. Paris V3. Paris Street.
  • Krux.
  • Ace trucks.
  • CCS Trucks.
  • Mini Logo Trucks.

Are independent trucks the best?

Independent Skateboard Trucks Indys are considered the best turning, best grinding and strongest trucks that you can get. The new Stage 10 truck is the lightest Indy ever made. With a new super strong kingpin and unbendable axles this truck is untouchable. Indys come in two heights Hi and Lo.

How old is Nico duffer?

The 23 years old Nico is best known for appearing in many popular movies and television series such as Moxie (2021), North Hollywood (2020), Booksmart (2019), and many more.

What are Alex Midler sponsors?


  • Sponsors: SOVRN Skateboards, Nike SB, Red Bull, Spitfire, Thunder, Bones Bearings, MOB, Val Surf, Skatelab.
  • Website: www.alexmidler.com.
  • Instagram: Instagram.com/alexmidler. Alex Midler. Check out Alex’s Charity event…. Volcom. 184K subscribers. Subscribe. Alex Midler’s Roll-A-Thon. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info.

How old is Zion Wright?

22 years (February 3, 1999)
Zion Wright/Age

How old is Ishod wair?

29 years (November 1, 1991)
Ishod Wair/Age

Are Low trucks better for street skating?

Low trucks are generally for tech skating as the wheels sit closer to the board, creating a tighter center of gravity, making flip tricks a bit easier. You’ll want to ride smaller wheels, 48mm to 53mm, to avoid wheel bite. Low Trucks are better suited to ledge grinds and general ‘tech’ skatepark skating.

Are Loose trucks better for flip tricks?

If you’re used to skating tight trucks, loosening them can improve the flow of your skateboarding. This trick-saving move is only possible with loose trucks. The tighter the trucks, the closer to perfect the landing has to be. The tightness of your trucks is magnified when skating transition.

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