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Does cooker hood need to be same size as cooker?

Does cooker hood need to be same size as cooker?

So, it’s a good idea to get both at the same time! Above we have explained what you need to take into consideration when choosing the correct width of your hood. The rule of thumb is simple: the hood should be 1.5 times wider than the stove area to ensure efficient removal of hot air and cooking smells.

How wide should my extractor hood be?

Your cooker hood should ideally be either equal to or bigger than the width of the hob. If your hob measures up to 750mm wide, a cooker hood width of 900mm is advised.

Are all cooker hoods standard size?

Chimney cooker hoods vary in size so you can get the perfect fit for your kitchen. For the best results, always make sure that the chimney hood you buy is at least the same width as your hob.

Can you use an extractor fan instead of a cooker hood?

UK Building regulations state, “If you carry out any ‘building work’, and there is an existing extract fan (or cooker hood extracting to outside in the kitchen) you should retain or replace it. However, if there is no existing ventilation system you need not provide one.”

What size cooker hood do I need for a 60cm cooker?

The ideal size of the cooker hood is about the same size as the cooker itself, so that it is big enough to handle the gases the cooker will create. For example, the right size cooker hood for a 60cm cooker is 60cm.

Which type of cooker hood is best?

Extractor hoods are far and away the most effective type because they suck all steam and fats straight off the hob and eject it outside your home. However, an extraction hood requires professional installation and a hole punched in the ceiling or outside wall.

Are angled extractor hoods any good?

Angled cooker hoods may have a reputation for not working as well as traditional-style cooker hoods, but as long as you look for a model with an extraction rate that’s sufficient for your kitchen size you should find it a reliable method of keeping your kitchen clean and free of cooking smells.

How do I know what size kitchen extractor fan I need?

To work out the extraction rate, you need to calculate the cubic metres of the room you want the fan to go in. Do this using a measuring tape by noting down the height, width and length of the room in metres. Once you have this information, multiply the three figures together to get the size in cubic metres.

Do I need an extractor fan in my utility room?

Any new kitchen, bathroom (or shower room), utility room or toilet should be provided with a means of extract ventilation to reduce condensation and remove smells. If there is no existing ventilation system, you need not provide one (though you can if you wish).

Do you need an extractor fan in a downstairs toilet without a window?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians Per building regulations you don’t have to have an extractor fan is a room that has window(s). That doesn’t mean, of course, you can’t have one anyway but is not a requirement.

Are angled cooker hoods any good?

What should I look for when buying a cooker hood?

Key Features

  • Extraction speeds. This is the speed at which the cooker hood can extract the air.
  • Quiet settings. If you’ve got an open plan kitchen and living area, then you won’t want a loud cooker hood.
  • Hob to hood connection.
  • LED lighting.
  • Auto timer.
  • Power boost.
  • Smart features.

How to choose the best cooker hood?

How to Choose a Cooker Hood in the UK – Buying Guide Pick a Style That Suits Your Kitchen and Fits Your Space. Consider the Noice Levels as This May Impact Your Cooking Experience. Calculate the Size of Your Kitchen to Get the Right Extraction Speed. Make Sure You Buy a Hood That’s The Right Size. Check Out Your Lighting Options. Picking a Better Energy Rating Will Help Keep the Cost Down Over Time.

Do you need a cooker hood?

A cooker hood is essential if we want to keep our homes clean, healthy and free from unwanted odours whilst cooking. Cooker hoods also help to remove grease and steam from your kitchen, reducing wear and tear.

What does extractor hood mean?

extractor hood (Noun) An electrical kitchen device fitted over a cooker and connected to a flue designed to suck off any vapours from cooking. How to pronounce extractor hood?

What are cooker hoods?

What is a cooker hood? A cooker hood is also known as an exhaust hood, range hood or kitchen hood . But all of them essentially does one thing – help suck up the oil, grease and odours while you cook so your kitchen and home will be as clean as possible.

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