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Where is Chatswood in New South Wales, Australia?

Where is Chatswood in New South Wales, Australia?

Chatswood is a major business and residential district in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia 10 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district. It is the administrative centre of the local government area of the City of Willoughby.

How did Victoria Avenue Chatswood get its name?

Victoria Avenue in 1900. Chatswood was named after Charlotte Harnett, wife of then Mayor of Willoughby and a pioneer of the district, Richard Harnett, and the original “wooded” nature of the area. The moniker derives from her nickname “Chattie” and was shortened from Chattie’s Wood to Chatswood.

Is there a Church of England School in Chatswood?

The Mowbray House School operated in Chatswood from 1906 until its closure in 1954. The Church of England Girls’ School Chatswood was also formerly located in Chatswood, having been closed since the 1940s. Chatswood Oval is located south of the railway station.

How many people visit Chatswood Interchange per year?

Only 1 site left – P8 at 65sqm! New retail centre with 15.3 million customers annually! *Source: Macro Plan Dimasi, Chatswood Interchange Retail Market Analysis Report, Sept 2012.

What is the name of the mall in Chatswood?

Chatswood Mall (also known as Victoria Avenue Mall) is a pedestrian mall on Victoria Avenue in the suburb of Chatswood. It connects the Chatswood Interchange to the Chatswood shopping district and The Concourse.

When did the Chatswood Chase shopping centre open?

The opening of Wallace Way, Lemon Grove and later Chatswood Chase (1983) and Westfield Chatswood (1986) heralded a new era of shopping centres east of the railway line. The section between Victor and Anderson Street was converted into a partial mall in late 1982.

Who are the major companies in Chatswood Australia?

The Australian headquarters of Smith’s Snackfood, Abigroup, Carnival Australia, Coffey, PepsiCo and Carter Holt Harvey as well as offices of Nortel Networks, Optus, Lenovo, NEC, Leighton Contractors and Huawei are located in Chatswood. A number of high-density residential towers are also located in Chatswood.

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