How much is a Cavoodle puppy in Australia?

How much is a Cavoodle puppy in Australia?

Cavoodle can cost you $2,500 to $5,000 AUD. That’s a lot of money for a breed that small, and most pet lovers are hesitant to make such a large investment. But due to its positive traits and Cavoodle excellent temperament, it is well worth the investment.

Are Cavoodles high maintenance?

What coat and grooming needs do Cavoodles have? They are moderate- to high-maintenance, needing to be brushed weekly and clipped every 6 weeks. They have long hair that’s gold, tan, cream, black or brown, with or without markings in the same colours.

What is the life expectancy of Cavoodles?

Health and care of Cavoodles This genetic diversity adds up to an average lifespan of 10–14 years. Cavoodles do well in apartments and small homes with small yards. This playful, affectionate companion does not like to be left alone, and some may expect round-the-clock companionship.

Do Cavoodles have health problems?

CAVOODLE HEALTH INFORMATION The Cavoodle may be predisposed to the following health conditions: Canine Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Cerebellar Abiotrophy, Syringomyelia, Atopic Skin Disease and Mitral Valve Insufficiency.

Do Cavoodles like to cuddle?

Cavoodles are one of the most loving pups you can own. Their loyalty and affection knows no bounds, so one of the best things you can do for your Cavoodle is just spend time with them. Keep your Cavoodle happy by scheduling lots of cuddle time with your friend. With a family, there’s even more for a Cavoodle to love!

Do toy Cavoodles have health problems?

Why shouldn’t you buy a Cavoodle?

Cavoodles are a very intelligent and affectionate breed of dog. They require regular care, vet checkups, and regular exercise that make them an excellent pet for families. However, you shouldn’t leave your Cavoodle for too long because they can suffer from separation anxiety.

Can Cavoodles be left alone for 8 hours?

Absolutely! Cavoodles are more than capable of staying home alone. Separation anxiety doesn’t affect every dog, and even if your Cavoodle has it, it’s not the end of the world. Training and positive reinforcement will allow you to safely leave the house without your Cavoodle.

How much does a cavoodle puppy cost for sale?

For sale 2 cavoodle puppies. 1 black with white chest (girl)$700.00 2 brown with white chest (boy)$450.00 ready to go end may.They will be vet check,microchipped… For sale 6 cavoodle puppies 2 boys $450.00 each 4 girl $550.00 ready at end September.They will be vet check and wormed,vaccinated.

Is there a cavoodle breeder in Brisbane Queensland?

Known as Brisbane Cavoodle Breeder & have now become Brisbane Cavoodles as a registered business. I am a small boutique breeder of Cavoodles in Brisbane, Queensland. An ethical and registered breeder.

Why do you want a cavoodle as a pet?

This program is a structured puppy raising programme that we follow, to give our puppies the skills and experience necessary to lead their best life possible, to become a much treasured family pet. Puppy Culture is truely a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialisation, this is as important as breeding healthy puppies.

When is the best time to sell a cavoodle?

For sale 4 cavoodles pups 3 black and with white chest (girls) 1 apricot (boy) (sold) ready to go after 19 september.They will be vet check,microchipped,vaccinated… For sale 4 Cavoodles pups 1 Black and with white chest (girls) 1 Black and with white chest (boy) 1 apricot (boy) 1 apricot (girl) ready to go at end of November.

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