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Is schoffel a good brand?

Is schoffel a good brand?

Schoffel have been a classic outdoor clothing brand for some time now. Since its inception in the mid 60s, the brand has been known for its attention to detail, commitment to innovation and dedication to quality. All of which have made them one of our best selling brands today!

What Colour is schoffel gunmetal?

Gunmetal grey
The classic Schoffel Lyndon Fleece now comes in Gunmetal grey, a must-have colour for the upcoming season. Made with quick-dry, breathable, premium fleece with an incredibly soft hand feel and featuring two external zipped pockets as well as an adjustable draw cord at the waist to create a flattering shape and fit.

Where is schoffel based?

Bavaria, Germany
WELCOME TO SCHÖFFEL COUNTRY CLOTHING Schöffel was founded in 1804 in Bavaria, Germany and has over the past seven generations prospered by combining innovation and technology with a passion for superb styling and outstanding quality. It is at present run by myself, Peter Schöffel, the 6th generation of the family.

Does schoffel use real fur?

The use of real fur is also not allowed; only synthetic furs, which do not contain any animal parts, are used for Schöffel products. Schöffel also belongs to the Fur Free Retailer Programme (

Are Schoffels warm?

The down-filled collection of coats and gilets by Schöffel for women and men are all machine washable and provide excellent warmth for the colder weather.

What are schoffel gilets made of?

The Schoffel Oakham Fleece Gilet is made from Polartec® Thermal Pro® 200 weight fleece gilet, it is an ideal mid layer, or can be used for extra warmth. It can also be zipped into the Men’s Ptarmigan Interactive Shooting Coat.

How do you pronounce schoffel?


  1. IPA: /ˈsxɔ.fəl/
  2. Audio. (file)
  3. Hyphenation: schof‧fel.
  4. Rhymes: -ɔfəl.

What are schoffel fleeces made of?

What Are Men’s Fleeces Made of? The Schoffel Country Fleece collection is crafted using Pontetorto Technopile fleece fabric. Pontetorto Technopile is a synthetic fibre made from polyester which is knitted together to provide a thermal fabric for outdoor layers.

Are schoffel worth it?

Price as reviewed: The only hurdle to cover come is the price of this gilet at £129 it is an expensive outlay. However, having bought cheaper imitations over the past few years and still longing for a Schoffel the expenditure is worth it.

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