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How to get Opera in star ocean second evolution?

How to get Opera in star ocean second evolution?

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution The party first find Opera in a bar at Hilton, where she is asking for information about a man with three eyes. When Claude tells her they saw a man like that at Krosse, she introduces herself, only to run off. The party then go back to Krosse and ask the king about Opera.

How do you recruit Welch in Star Ocean 2?

Star Ocean: First Departure To recruit Welch, the player must make sure to have the Silvant Emblem acquire during the Emblems quest. Then, from the town of Ionis, they must go in the direction of Van City.

How do you get Ernest star in the ocean?

In Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Ernest is an optional party member who can be recruited only if Opera has joined the party. He is a physical fighter who uses whips as his weapon of choice, allowing him to fight at virtually any range.

How do you recruit Dias Star Ocean?

Dias can be recruited only when the player selects Rena for the playthrough. In the spin-off Star Ocean: Anamnesis, Dias currently has two variants: “Dias” and “Blossom Dias”.

How many endings are in Star Ocean Second Evolution?

There are 86 possible endings (or 87, depending on how one wants to count them).

How many endings are there in Star Ocean?

86 Endings
How To Get All 86 Endings In Star Ocean: The Second Story.

Will there be a Star Ocean 6?

During a recent Japanese Star Ocean livestream, some fans were waiting on a potential Star Ocean 6 announcement, but it never happened. The last mainline title in the series, Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, launched back in 2015, but it’s safe to say that it didn’t make much of a splash.

How do I recruit Welch?

Welch – To recruit Welch, you must make sure you have the Silvant Emblem, which you acquire during the Emblem Quest. Then, from the town of Ionis, go in the direction of Van City. Eventually, you’ll reach an area on the world map with two bridges.

How many endings are in Star Ocean?

How many endings does Star Ocean First Departure have?

There are seven endings.

How many endings are in Star Ocean First Departure?

What’s the newest Star Ocean game?

Star Ocean: Anamnesis
Star Ocean is a franchise of action role-playing video games developed by the Japanese company tri-Ace and published and owned by Square Enix (formerly Enix)….

Star Ocean
First release Star Ocean July 19, 1996
Latest release Star Ocean: Anamnesis December 7, 2016

Can you recruit Opera and Ernest in Star Ocean?

Info :If you recruit Opera you CANNOT recruit Ashton.If you recruit her, you get the possibility to get Ernest. Also, if you recruit Ernest you will have to choose between the last three recruitable characters.

Where to find Opera in Star Ocean 2?

Type :Shooter (Medium Range) To find Opera, you must see the Private Action in the Town of Cross, where a three-eyed man is running from the castle. After the Tournament of Arms in Lacour, go back to the tavern in Hilton, and an event where Opera is introduced to you will occur.

When do you join Leon in Star Ocean?

Welch can join with Leon via before entering the Hoffman Ruins but once the boss dies their she can no longer join for the rest of the game. Lastly the 3 eyed man PA must be done before you board the boat to Hilton else you permanently can’t trigger it anymore.

Can you recruit Bowman in Star Ocean 2?

Info : If you recruit Precis you cannot recruit Bowman. If you recruit Bowman you cannot recruit Precis. Type : Fighter (Close Range) After your first encounter with Precis in Linga, you’ll need to leave Linga and preform a Private Action. Meet her in front of Bowman’s Pharmacy for Claude or in her house (south linga) for Rena.

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