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Which metadata standard is the model for OAIS?

Which metadata standard is the model for OAIS?

ISO International Standard 14721
The OAIS reference model was approved in January 2002 as ISO International Standard 14721; a revised and updated version was published in 2012 as ISO Standard 14721:2012.

What is OAIS compliant?

Organizational responsibilities include confirming that the design and implementation of the repository complies with the standard and monitoring the OAIS and corollary standards for substantive changes and requirements. …

Who developed OAIS?

Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation, C-DAC, India has implemented OAIS for National Cultural Audiovisual Archive (NCAA) which has been certified as Trusted Digital Repository as per ISO 16363: 2012 during November 2017. This initiative was a part of Indian National Digital Preservation Program (NDPP).

What does OAIS stand for?


Acronym Definition
OAIS Open Archival Information System
OAIS Ohio Association of Independent Schools
OAIS Officer Assignment Information System
OAIS Opinion, Attitude, and Interest Survey

Is Archivematica free?

Archivematica is a free and open-source digital preservation system that is designed to maintain standards-based, long-term access to collections of digital objects. Archivematica is packaged with the web-based content management system AtoM for access to your digital objects.

What is an archival information package?

An Archival Information Package (AIP) is the set of content and metadata managed by a preservation repository, and organized in a way that allows the repository to perform preservation services.

What is a trusted digital repository?

The Research Libraries Group (RLG, now OCLC) defined a trusted digital repository as “one whose mission is to provide reliable, long-term access to managed digital resources to its customers, now and in the future.” (Refer to “Trusted Digital Repositories: Attributes and Responsibilities,” page i.)

How much does Archivematica cost?

Costs are $4,000 for the first year and $2,000 for subsequent years, in addition to the costs for Archivematica-as-a-service. An annual subscription to Archivematica-as-a-Service includes one processing pipeline.

Is Archivematica open-source?

Standards-based Archivematica is an integrated suite of open-source software tools that allows users to process digital objects from ingest to access in compliance with the ISO-OAIS functional model. Users monitor and control ingest and preservation micro-services via a web-based dashboard.

What is a dissemination information package?

Dissemination Information Package (DIP): An Information Package, derived from one or more Archival Information Packages (AIPs), and sent by Archives to the Consumer in response to a request to the OAIS archive. These information packages are what is known conceptually as a digital object.

What do you understand by digital preservation?

Digital preservation consists of the processes aimed at ensuring the continued accessibility of digital materials. To do this involves finding ways to re-present what was originally presented to users by a combination of software and hardware tools acting on data.

Why digital preservation is important?

Digital materials are a core commodity for industry, commerce and government. The greater the importance of digital materials, the greater the need for their preservation: digital preservation protects investment, captures potential and transmits opportunities to future generations and our own.

What do you need to know about OAIS?

The OAIS reference model considers an acceptable digital object as one that includes the original content as well as the metadata required to understand the content, its structure, its rendering needs, and its preservation history.

Who are the consumers of the OAIS archive?

Producers: The individuals, organizations or systems responsible for submitting and transferring SIPs for the creation of AIPs to be placed into (ingested by) the OAIS archive. Consumers: The individuals, organizations or systems that locate, request and use the digital materials stored by the OAIS.

What is the role of data management in OAIS?

Data Management: The maintenance of databases of descriptive metadata that identifying and describing the archived digital materials. It also manages the administrative data supporting the OAIS system operation, such as performance data or access statistics.

What is preservation planning in the digital age?

Preservation Planning: Monitoring of the external environment for changes or threats to the digital materials in the Archival Store. It maps our the preservation strategy and recommends appropriate revisions to it in line with changing conditions. This is the safeguard against a constantly evolving user and technological environment.

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