How big is the Exo Terra advanced reptile terrarium?

How big is the Exo Terra advanced reptile terrarium?

24″ x 18″ x 12″
Exo Terra Natural Terrarium – Advanced Reptile Habitat, Low 24″ x 18″ x 12″ These low sizes (12” or 30 cm) are ideal for ground dwelling reptile and amphibians.

Can you stack Exo Terra terrariums?

Do not stack more than two terrariums. Supervise children closely when they are near the terrarium.

What size tank is a 18x18x24?

Roughly 30 US gallons… For specifics, read on… A dry US gallon (non-liquid) is easy to figure out. You take the cage’s size in cubic inches (18x18x24=7776), so 7776, and multiply it by 0.0037202… 7776×0.

Are Exo Terras waterproof?

Front window ventilation. Dual doors for an escape-free access. Waterproof bottom.

What is a Exo Terra tank?

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is the ideal reptile or amphibian housing designed by European herpetologists. The front opening doors allow easy access for maintenance and feeding. A specially designed lock will prevent escape and the doors can be opened separately.

Can you stack reptile enclosures?

Our Hybrid stackable reptile cages are completely stackable without having to purchase expensive racking equipment. The corner joint system has pin slots molded into them to easily stack and lock multiple enclosures together.

What size tank is a 36x18x18?

The Aqueon standard size aquarium is made with care to assure that it can stand up to almost any application. These aquariums come in a wide range of sizes as well as black and oak trim styles. Large aquariums feature one-piece center-braced frames that eliminate glass bowing.

How tall is a full grown Exo terrarium?

Natural Terrarium Large PT2611 Large/Low 90 x 45 x 30 cm 36” x 18” x 12” (WxDxH) PT2613 Large/Wide 90 x 45 x 45 cm 36” x 18” x 18” (WxDxH) PT2614 Large/Tall 90 x 45 x 60 cm 36” x 18” x 24” (WxDxH) PT2609 Large/X-Tall 90 x 45 x 90 cm 36” x 18” x 36” (WxDxH)

What can you do with an Exo Terra terrarium?

It creates a multi dimensional habitat ideal for climbing reptiles or can be simply used to beautify the natural terrarium. Its colour and texture is the same like all Exo Terra natural terrarium decoration to create a perfectly harmonized environment, humid or dry.

How tall is a natural terrarium in cm?

Natural Terrarium Large/Tall 90 x 45 x 60 cm / 36” x 18” x 24” (WxDxH)

What kind of reptiles live in an Exo Terra screen?

The Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is a perfect habitat for arboreal reptiles and amphibians that are sensitive to stagnant air. The non-restricted air-flow provides optimal ventilation while minimizing odors and fungus growth in your reptile’s habitat.

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