Is it OK to stretch your ears every 2 weeks?

Is it OK to stretch your ears every 2 weeks?

In my personal experience 2 weeks works great. It allows your ears a week to get used to the new size, and another week to heal and adapt.

Do stretched out ears go back to normal?

The truth is that most stretched ears will shrink at least a little if you remove your jewellery, but most will not go back to their unstretched gauge. 10mm is often cited as the point of no return, but the fact is that everyone is different.

Are stretched ears bad?

Silicone is not on that list of initial body jewelry as it has a habit of trapping bacterial in between the ear and the plug itself. Ear stretching with silicone can lead to blowouts, bacterial issues including intrusions and infections. Don’t get us wrong!

How can I reduce my stretched ears?

Try Without Surgery First If you stretched your lobes properly, the hole should mostly close up on its own. Gradually decrease the size of the gauge you wear. Go down one size, and wait until the size shrinks up around that smaller gauge. Once it fits properly, go down another size until you reach the smallest gauge.

Is it bad to stretch your ears every week?

Human skin only has a certain elasticity so going too big and too fast is enough to cause ripping and tearing of your skin. It’s highly recommended to wait at least a full month between each stretch and to never skip sizes so your ears will have minimal chances for long term problems.

What happens if you stretch your ears too fast?

A “blow out” happens when you stretch your ear too fast and scar tissue builds up in the hole. This can result in permanent scarring. Stretching too quickly can tear your ear tissue in half or cause earlobe skin to detach and hang from your head.

Are stretched ears permanent?

Almost any hole in the ear eventually doesn’t close. So, for the people stretching their ear holes with the gauges, it’s a permanent thing.

Can I shrink my earlobes?

Your earlobes have most likely built up some scar tissue in that time and shrinkage will be more difficult to achieve. This means your ears will downsize slightly, but it may be difficult to shrink them to even half the size you’re at.

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