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How do you get the phantom bike on bike race?

How do you get the phantom bike on bike race?

The Phantom is a Three Star Tournament Bike.

  1. This Bike can be obtained from a chest or by getting the front, back, suit/body, and the helmet/head of the Phantom Bike.
  2. This Bike is also obtainable by evolving a Wraith and XReverse.
  3. The rarity is Rare.

How do you get the thunder phantom in bike race for free?

The Thunder Phantom is a Five Star Legendary Tournament Bike you can get by collecting the suit/body, head, back, and front.

  1. You can also have it by getting the whole bike from a chest.
  2. You cannot get this bike through normal tournaments. It must be collected through special tournaments on weekends.

Can you buy bikes in bike race?

You can level up your bike to make it faster using coins. Bike Race is a ‘Fremium’ game. It means that the initial game is free (Bike Race Pro cost £0.69 unlocks all the level packs) but offers In App Purchases. For varying prices you can buy Bikes without having to complete the requirements!

How fast is the Thunder Phantom?

All maneuvers are performed at speeds of 450 to 500 mph (720 to 800 km/h).

How do you get Wild Wings on bike race?

Wild Wings

  1. This bike’s rarity is Super Rare.
  2. This bike can only be obtained through special chests or through special tournaments. It will not appear in One Star prize chests.

How do you get all World Tour bikes in bike race?

To unlock bikes, get medals from multiplayer and spin. You also get gems each day and you can also buy them. You can even buy a gem for 360 coins. There are two more ways to get them either waiting until you unlock all bikes you can get by collecting coins or hacking.

Who made bike race?

The first bicycle race is popularly held to have been a 1,200 meter race on the 31 May 1868 at the Parc de Saint-Cloud, Paris. It was won by expatriate Englishman James Moore who rode a wooden bicycle with solid rubber tires. The machine is now on display at the museum in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.

How do you get the agile soul bike race?

The Agile Soul is a Four Star Tournament Bike and is unlocked by having the Agile Soul suit/body, head, back, and front.

  1. You can also unlock this bike by getting the whole bike from a chest.
  2. You can create this bike via evolution with an Undead Acrobat and a Phantom.

How do you get Super Troopers on bike race?

The Super Trooper is collected by getting the back, front, body/suit, and head/helmet.

  1. You also get it by getting the full bike from a special chest.
  2. Evolution of a Wild Wings Bike forms the Super Trooper.

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