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What do you need to know about studentvue?

What do you need to know about studentvue?

StudentVUE is a website that offers secure, private access to school and student information, including assignments, grades, attendance, school calendar, and teacher contact details.

Where can I Find my studentvue account password?

Students can access their StudentVUE account by using their Microsoft 365 username and password credentials. If you have forgotten your password or have issues with login, please contact your school’s ITC.

Where to find studentvue for Prince William County public schools?

Go to StudentVUE or enter the StudentVUE URL in your web browser; or open the mobile app. Enter your Microsoft 365 username and password and select Login.

Where can I download the parentvue app?

Once you have created your account, you can download the “ParentVUE” app on your cell phone or tablet and connect manually using the url: If you would like to learn more about ParentVUE you are welcome to attend parent trainings either on September 5, 2019 or September 12, 2019 from 6:00-7:00pm in the LHS Library.

How does parentvue work for Scottsdale School District?

Scottsdale Unified School District uses ParentVUE and StudentVUE to help parents monitor the academic progress of their students. To create an account, parents will need to contact their school to obtain their Activation Key letter. This letter provides instructions on creating their account. Students must be currently active in the district.

Where can I Find my studentvue grade book?

Students will login on the StudentVue page. Please see your school site for login details. As part of an effort to streamline processes, select teachers are taking part in a small pilot project of a new grading system. This means that for specific classes only, grades and other information are available through a different parent view.

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