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What is SSP usps?

What is SSP usps?

A new Self-Service Profile (SSP) application will be launched in which employees will create and manage their self-service password, email address, security challenge questions, and 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for telephone transactions.

How do I find my usps EIN number?

If you are a USPS employee, your identification number is the letters “EIN” followed immediately by your Employee ID (for example, EIN00000000). Your Employee ID is an 8-digit number printed at the top of your earnings statement or paystub, above the label “Employee ID”.

How do I get sick leave from usps?

To request unscheduled leave, the employee should log into LiteBlue, select the eLRA icon in the Employee Apps — Quick Links section and follow the on-screen prompts. The information will be securely transmitted to the employee’s manager, providing both the employee and the manager with a record of the request.

Where do I find my USPS pin?

To retrieve your USPS PIN follow these instructions:

  1. Dial 1- 877-477-3273.
  2. Press 1 when prompted, enter your Employee ID printed at the top of your earnings statement.
  3. When prompted for your PIN, pause and then press 2. Your USPS PIN will be mailed to your address of record the next business day.

How do I set up direct deposit with liteblue?

To sign up for direct deposit, follow these instructions: Go to and log in if prompted to do so. Select PostalEASE under “Employee Quick Apps – Quick Links.” In PostalEASE, enter your employee identification number and password.

How do I get old pay stubs from USPS?

United States Postal Service (USPS) employees can view and retrieve copies of their pay stubs online through the LiteBlue network. Whether you receive your pay stub in the mail and misplaced it or choose the paperless option, you can log onto LiteBlue, use the ePayroll application and get a pay stub.

Can CCAs call in sick?

CCAs do not earn sick leave so they may only use annual leave or leave without pay for bereavement purposes.

Can I tell USPS to leave package at door?

Although it depends on the item and policy, sometimes leaving a package on a doorstep is against the rules for mail carriers. If a package requires a signature to be delivered, mail carriers cannot just leave it at your door.

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