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How do I reset my iPLEDGE password?

How do I reset my iPLEDGE password?

Website – Prescribers and designees can reset their password by selecting “Forgot Password” at the login screen on the homepage of the iPLEDGE Program website and following the instructions for “Forgot Password”. A temporary password will be emailed to them.

How do I unlock my iPLEDGE account?

Your account will automatically unlock after 30 minutes or you can speak with an iPLEDGE customer service representative to have it unlocked. Call the iPLEDGE Program at 1-866-495-0654 (press 1, #0, 1, *) to speak to a representative for assistance with passwords and lockouts.

Can isotretinoin prescriptions be transferred between pharmacies?

Only pharmacies registered with and activated in the iPLEDGE program can dispense isotretinoin. Pharmacists must access the iPLEDGE system to receive authorization to fill and dispense every prescription. Manufacturers will only ship to iPLEDGE-registered entities (e.g., direct vendor pharmacies, wholesalers).

Who runs iPLEDGE?

iPLEDGE program

Type of site Regulatory/Government
Owner Food and Drug Administration
Commercial no
Launched 2006

How much does Accutane treatment cost?

It is available in multiple brand and generic versions. It is covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but pharmacy coupons or cash prices may be lower. The lowest GoodRx price for the most common version of generic Accutane is around $88.83, 85% off the average retail price of $597.04.

What is a requirement of the iPLEDGE Program?

The iPLEDGE Program requires registration of all wholesalers distributing isotretinoin, all healthcare professionals prescribing isotretinoin, all pharmacies dispensing isotretinoin, and all male and female patients prescribed isotretinoin.

Do you have to wait a month before starting Accutane?

When can I start Isotretinoin (Accutane)? However, female patients must wait 31 days from the registration date before starting treatment. The iPledge program requires 2 negative pregnancy tests performed one month apart before allowing female patients access to the medication.

What is a requirement of the iPLEDGE program?

Does iPLEDGE take action against pharmacies?

of Non-Compliance is a stakeholder (patient, pharmacy, prescriber, designee or wholesaler) that does not meet the requirements of the iPLEDGE Program. Actions qualifying as a Non-Compliance are specific to the category of stakeholder (e.g., patient, pharmacy, prescriber, designee or wholesaler).

What happens if you miss Accutane window?

If you missed the window during your first month of treatment, you will need to wait another 19 days before the iPledge system will allow us to enter another negative pregnancy test.

Do men have to use iPLEDGE?

If you are male, or you are a woman who can’t get pregnant, you are required by iPledge to do the following.

How can I Reset my iPLEDGE password over the phone?

Upon the entry of the correct DOPS, the iPLEDGE Program system will reset the password and provide a temporary password over the phone. If the patient does not know his/her DOPS, the iPLEDGE Program system will prompt the user to enter his/her date of birth.

How do I register with the iPLEDGE Program?

Patients prescribers must first register them with the program. The prescriber will provide the patient with an ID card with a username. After the prescriber registers the patient, the patients password will be mailed. The patient should receive the password within five to ten days. • I either lost or forgot my password. How do I reset my password?

How long does it take to unlock an iPLEDGE account?

If you make three unsuccessful attempts to login to the iPLEDGE Program, a security feature that locks your account is deployed. Your account will automatically unlock after 30 minutes or you can speak with an iPLEDGE Program Customer Service Representative to have it unlocked.

What do patients need to know about iPLEDGE?

Patients For patients, iPLEDGE Program website has a new look and feel. All iPLEDGE Program safety requirements and patient functionality remains unchanged. Prescribers and Designees For prescribers and designees, there are some enhancements for managing patients, including enhanced patient search functionality.

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