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What does up to the wazoo mean?

What does up to the wazoo mean?

slang. : anus. up the wazoo or less commonly out the wazoo. : in excess we’ve got lawyers up the wazoo— Steven Bochco.

What do you mean by wazoo?

nounWord forms: plural waˈzoos. Slang. the buttocks or anus. chiefly in the phrase up (or out) the wazoo, to a great or excessive degree; in abundance or overabundance.

Is wazoo a real word?

noun, plural wa·zoos. Slang. the anus.

How much is a wazoo?

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What’s the meaning of mikrokosmos?

As you’ve probably guessed, “Mikrokosmos” means microcosms, but there’s more to it than that. Instead, “Mikrokosmos” is more of a love song, and it seems like the boys might be using the word to mean how one person in a world of 7 billion can seem so small, but still mean so much.

What do we say Lota in English?

lota in American English (ˈloutə) noun. (in India) a small container for water, usually of brass or copper and round in shape.

What is Wudu called in English?

Wudu is often translated as “partial ablution”, as opposed to ghusl, or “full ablution”. Muslims often recite the Durood and Ayatul Kursi after ablution.

What is right up?

idiom. —used by someone (such as a waiter) to say that something will be served or delivered very quickly.

Is Mikrokosmos about Army?

Project Mikrokosmos is an unofficial fanchat inspired by RM’s “Map of the Soul: Persona Behind” VLIVE. As RM says, there is a part that he forgot to add into Mikrokosmos and he requestes for ARMY to add: “Hey!” right before “You got me,” whenever we listen to the song.

Why is it called Mikrokosmos?

According to Spinditty, Bartók “took great pleasure in melding the musical material of common folk tunes with the ever-evolving styles and techniques of the classical music contemporary to his day.” That, in turn, led him to create the “Mikrokosmos,” a six-volume piano composition guide that was designed so Bartók’s …

Is Lota a name?

Or maybe Lota emerged as a short form of Carlota, the Spanish form of Charlotte. Maria Carlota de Macedo Soares was the architect responsible for Rio de Janiero’s Attero do Flamengo. Maria Carlota was known as Lota.

What does Wazoo stand for in Urban Dictionary?

up / out the wazoo, Slang. to an extreme degree or in great abundance: She’s got problems up the wazoo.

Is there such a thing as a Wazoo brand?

There is this pervasive belief that brands just ain’t what they used to be and that today’s consumer–yes those merry Millennials that everyone is licking their lips over–don’t want tired old brands and instead are seeking only authentic names with genuine back stories and transparency up the wazoo.

Which is the biggest Wazoo in the world?

More surprisingly, they have high standard for a neat and clean area for performing ‘ wazoo ‘, and there is a mosque at every station. I got the biggest wazoo in Washington and the wife with the prettiest name. The SSP has also arranged a place to offer Namaz, Wazoo Khana and clean wash room.

Where did the story of the Wazoo come from?

She sat down and waited among the begonias, her mind still on the Wazoo, her whole intense nature strung to the highest pitch. In the days that followed all England was thrilled to its base as the news spread that the Wazoo might rise at any moment.

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