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What is lpOverlapped?

What is lpOverlapped?

The lpOverlapped parameter must point to a valid and unique OVERLAPPED structure, otherwise the function can incorrectly report that the read operation is complete. The lpNumberOfBytesRead parameter should be set to NULL. Use the GetOverlappedResult function to get the actual number of bytes read.

What do you mean by overlapping of activities?

If one idea or activity overlaps another, or overlaps with another, they involve some of the same subjects, people, or periods of time.

What is the meaning of overlapped CPU and I O operation explain?

The 1130 system permits input/output devices to operate simultaneously; that is, to overlap their operation with other functions of the CPU. Overlapping I/O operations provides increased data throughput and more efficient utilization of the central processing unit.

What are the results of the getoverlappedresult function?

The results reported by the GetOverlappedResult function are those of the specified handle’s last overlapped operation to which the specified OVERLAPPED structure was provided, and for which the operation’s results were pending.

When to call get overlappedresult on WriteFile?

The docs for FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED on WriteFile () say you must provide OVERLAP and recommend NULL for lpNumberOfBytesWritten because value is misleading. However docs for GetOverlappedResult () say to only call if WriteFile () returned FALSE with ERROR_IO_PENDING.

How to use get overlappedresultex in Win32?

Retrieves the results of an overlapped operation on the specified file, named pipe, or communications device. To specify a timeout interval or wait on an alertable thread, use GetOverlappedResultEx.

How to use overlapped I / o-win32 apps?

Overlapped ReadFile, WriteFile, and ConnectNamedPipe operations can finish by the time the function returns. Otherwise, if the operation is pending, the event object in the specified OVERLAPPED structure is set to the nonsignaled state before the function returns.

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