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How many superior court judges are in the state of Arizona?

How many superior court judges are in the state of Arizona?

174 superior court judges
Across the state’s appellate and trial courts, there are seven supreme court justices, 22 courts of appeal judges, and 174 superior court judges.

Who appoints Pima County Superior Court judges?

Retention election In these counties, judges are appointed by the governor with the help of a selection commission. At the end of their term, the judges remain in office through uncontested retention elections every four years.

Are Arizona Superior Court judges elected?

Currently, Superior Court judges are elected in nonpartisan elections in all counties except Coconino, Maricopa, Pima and Pinal. Are nominating commission meetings open to the public or are the nominees chosen behind closed doors? All meetings are open to the public and all voting occurs in public session.

How are Arizona Superior Court judges selected?

Judicial Selection in the States: Arizona Appellate judges and superior court judges in Maricopa and Pima Counties are chosen through merit selection. After an initial two-year term, judges must stand for retention. Superior court judges in smaller counties are chosen in nonpartisan elections.

Who appoints judges in Arizona?

the Governor
In Arizona, each Justice is appointed by the Governor to a six-year term and must retire at age 70. Justices oversee the State Bar of Arizona and can disbar or suspend attorneys who have been charged with misconduct.

How often are Superior Court judges elected?

Superior court judges serve six-year terms and are elected by county voters on a nonpartisan ballot at a general election.

What cases go to the AZ superior courts?

The Superior Court has jurisdiction over: family law (divorce, legal separation, annulment, paternity) probate (guardianship, conservatorship, wills, estates) cases and proceedings in which exclusive jurisdiction is not vested by law in another court.

Why is there a mandatory retirement age for judges?

A judicial mandatory retirement age remains essential to preserving public confidence in the health and capacity of those appointed and to protecting judicial independence by alleviating the need for individual assessments and the possibility of judicial office holders being removed at the whim of the Executive.

What is the salary of a superior court judge in Arizona?

The salaries of Superior Court Judges in Phoenix, AZ range from $36,720 to $410,938 , with a median salary of $160,826 . The middle 57% of Superior Court Judges makes between $160,826 and $244,074, with the top 86% making $410,938.

What is the judicial branch of Arizona?

The Judicial branch is comprised of the Arizona Supreme Court, the Arizona Court of Appeals and the Superior Court augmented by the counties’ Justice of the Peace Courts and the municipalities’ Municipal Courts . Courts resolve legal disputes, manage trials and interpret the law.

What is the Superior Court in Arizona?

The superior court is the state’s general jurisdiction court. It is a single entity with locations in each county. Each county has at least one superior court judge. In counties with more than one superior court judge, the judges operate in numbered divisions. Article VI § 14 of the Arizona Constitution provides…

What are the courts in Arizona?

Courts of Arizona include: Arizona Supreme Court Arizona Court of Appeals (2 divisions) Arizona Superior Courts, state trial courts and courts of general jurisdiction (15 courts, one for each county) Justices of the Peace (county courts) and Arizona Municipal Courts, city trial courts and courts of limited jurisdiction.

What is a superior court clerk?

A: The Clerk of Superior Court is “an officer of a court of justice who has charge of the clerical part of the court’s business and who keeps the court’s records.”. In Georgia, the Clerk of Superior Court is also responsible for the recording of all land records. Actually, the Clerk wears three hats – one as the “Clerk…

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