Is Mixmax only Gmail?

Is Mixmax only Gmail?

Mixmax Permissions For transparency, to provide all of the enhancements which make Mixmax amazing, we need to work with your Gmail inbox. For any type of application that interacts with Gmail, users must grant permission for certain rights and access.

Is Mixmax secure?

Mixmax has created a robust security program designed to meet the requirements of a ‘business associate’ under HIPAA, including implementation of each of the implementation specifications which underlie the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards required under the Security Rule.

How do I integrate Mixmax with Gmail?

To enable Mixmax on a second account, log into that email account on your Chrome browser. If the Mixmax extension is already installed in Chrome, in the top right in Gmail, hover over the greyed out Mixmax logo. A box will appear – see the screenshot below. Click ‘Enable my productivity’.

How do I get Mixmax?

Go to mixmax.com and click Install for Free to download the extension. Welcome back!

Does Mixmax have an app?

Try the Best Mixmax Alternative Icing on the cake, we do have a mobile app 📱 and a Zapier integration!

Does Mixmax work with Outlook?

Mixmax doesn’t have an Outlook option at all. Yesware requires some finagling with the “Visual Studio Tools” to get working. It’s fairly complicated, so we’d recommend contacting support for help.

What are Mixmax sequences?

Mixmax Sequences allow you to personalize bulk outreach campaigns with the use of emails and tasks. Sequences let you choose when you want to distribute each email while setting conditions on how recipients navigate through the stages of your sequence.

What does Mix Max do?

Mixmax enables sales professionals turn e-mail from a static and plain experience into a more interactive one by boosting Gmail features. It involves email scheduling, setting up meetings via Google Calendar, building polls and surveys, getting visual previews for links, and many more.

What is Mixmax app?

Mixmax is an email communication and sales productivity application designed to help businesses convert prospects into customers using 1-to-1 communication, personalized email, workflow automation, email tracking, email templates, CRM sync, one-click scheduling, nurture sequences, and more.

How do I block Mixmax?

To disable Mixmax for a specific account, log in to that account in Gmail. Hover your mouse over the Mixmax logo in the top right corner. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll see Deactivate Mixmax for [your email]. Click this button.

Is there a Boomerang for Outlook?

Boomerang works with Outlook on the Web, and in Outlook 2013/2016/Mac for users with Office 365 mailboxes. On the web, it requires IE10+, Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. All new Boomerang accounts come with a Free 14-day Trial of Boomerang Pro.

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