What is inventory list BIR?

What is inventory list BIR?

The Inventory List is a report that outlines the details of all inventories held by a company on the last date of its financial year. The BIR submission date each year depends on the financial year (i.e. calendar or fiscal) of the particular business.

What is annual inventory list?

In this memorandum, every business must submit a list of all inventories, supplies, and materials at the end of the calendar year. …

Who are required to submit annual inventory List to BIR?

2. Who are required to submit Inventory List? All taxpayers with tangible asset-rich balance sheets, often with at least half of their total assets in working capital assets, like accounts receivable and inventory, shall submit inventory list.

How do you create an inventory list?

How to write an inventory report

  1. Create a column for inventory items. Similar to an inventory sheet template, create a list of items in your inventory using a vertical column.
  2. Create a column for descriptions.
  3. Assign a price to each item.
  4. Create a column for remaining stock.
  5. Select a time frame.

How do you do submissions in Bir?


  1. Fill-up applicable fields in the BIR Form No. 1700.
  2. Pay electronically by clicking the “Proceed to Payment” button and fill-up the required fields in the “eFPS Payment Form” click “Submit” button.
  3. Receive payment confirmation from eFPS-AABs for successful e-filing and e-payment.

What does average inventory mean?

Average inventory is an estimation of the amount or value of inventory a company has over a specific amount of time. Inventory balances at the end of each month can fluctuate widely depending on when large shipments are received and when there’s a buying surge or peak season that may markedly deplete the inventory.

How can I cancel my certificate of registration in Bir?

Certification from Barangay stating actual closure of business.

  1. Letter Request stating reason for termination.
  2. Original BIR Certificate of Registration.
  3. Books of Account / Ask for Receipts Poster.
  4. Inventory List of Unused Receipts / Invoices.
  5. Unused Receipts / Invoices for Cancellation.

How to prepare and submit Bir annual inventory list?

Submit Annex “A” Annual inventory list, DVD-R, and Sworn Declaration to appropriate BIR office. 1. BIR Annual Inventory List- Part 1 ( 52:32)

What was the Bir circular no.57-2015?

In 2015, the BIR issued Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 57-2015, which provided further guidelines on the submission of the Inventory List and additional information that must be submitted along with the Inventory List. Certain companies are required to submit records, lists and schedules in addition to the Inventory List.

Why do companies have to submit an inventory list in the Philippines?

The BIR requires other inventory-related documents, records and schedules to be submitted along with the Inventory List (see below). If you aren’t sure if your company is required to submit an Inventory List, contact your accountant or bookkeeper in the Philippines without delay. Why do companies have to submit an Inventory List?

What does Bir stand for in Business category?

For manufacturing, merchandising or retail companies – inventory of merchandise/raw materials/goods in process/finished goods (Annex A) For construction industries – schedule of outstanding receivables (beginning and ending) and realized gross profit per project (Annex C)

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