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What does CAM5 2 positive mean?

What does CAM5 2 positive mean?

The monoclonal antibody CAM5. 2 was typically used to identify secretory epithelial (glandular epithelium) cells and epithelial tumors, such as colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer. Additionally, CAM5. 2 is generally accepted to be suitable for detection of metastatic breast cancer in (sentinel) lymph nodes.

What tumors are CK7 positive?

For example, a CK7-negative/CK20-positive phenotype is often associated with carcinomas of colorectal origin, whereas a CK7-positive/CK20-negative phenotype is seen in a wide variety of carcinomas, including carcinomas of the lung, breast, thyroid, pancreas, and female genital tract.

What CK8 18?

CK8/18 is a cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies. In Western blotting of A431 cell lysates, anti-CK8, clone EP17 recognizes a major band of 52 kDa corresponding to the expected molecular weight of CK8; and anti-CK18, clone EP30 recognizes a major band of 45 kDa corresponding to the expected molecular weight of CK18.

What is CDX2 positive?

These results suggest that positive CDX2 staining represents a highly sensitive and specific marker of metastatic colorectal carcinoma in both biopsy and resected specimens, and is superior to staining for the CK7-/20+ phenotype.

Can melanoma be CK7 positive?

All melanomas are vimentin-positive in all cells. Some melanomas are also reported to express cytokeratin.

What does CK8 18 positive mean?

The presence of CK18 or CK8 protein was judged ‘positive’ when the proportion of immunohistochemically stained cells was more than 50% of all observed cancer cells (Lam et al, 1995), or otherwise ‘negative’.

What does vimentin stain?

Vimentin stains virtually all spindle cell neoplasms—mesenchymal spindle cell neoplasms and sarcomatoid carcinomas included. However, vimentin stains a subset of carcinomas regularly and to a significant degree, and this may be useful in the context of a panel of antibodies to narrow a differential diagnosis.

What does CDX2 stand for?

Caudal-type homeobox 2 (CDX2) is an intestine-specific transcription factor and one of the most sensitive and specific markers of intestinal differentiation (5).

What are the cytokeratins recognised by CAM 5.2?

Surprisingly, there is some controversy as to the cytokeratins recognised by Cam 5.2. It is commonly cited as reacting with cytokeratins8and 18. This is, for example, the information in Leong, Cooper and Leong, Manual of Diagnostic Antibodies for Immunohistology, second edition.

Which is the specificity of CAM 5.2?

Looking at the references that they do give, Smedts et al4subsequently claimed that Cam 5.2 is specific for cytokeratin 8 and to a lesser extent for the closely related cytokeratin 7, but shows no reactivity with 18 or 19.

What kind of tissue does CAM 5.2 stain?

CAM 5.2 stains most epithelial derived tissue, including liver, renal tubular epithelium, hepatocellular and renal cell carcinomas. CAM 5.2 may not react with some squamous cell carcinomas.

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