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What is dump and chase?

What is dump and chase?

In it’s most basic form, a dump and chase consists of a player advancing over centre ice and shooting the puck into the opponent’s end while the forwards race around the defenders to regain possession deep behind enemy lines.

What is a dump in hockey?

The Dump and Chase in ice hockey is when the puck-possessing team crosses the red line and dumps the puck deep into the opposing teams’ zone. Doing so will allow your speedy wingers to chase down the puck and catch opposing defensemen off-guard.

What does dump change mean?

A system in hockey where teams will shoot the puck into the offensive zone and then forecheck rather than carrying the puck into the zone and setting up an offensive play immediately.

What does it mean to head man the puck?

Headman the puck – When a player passes to a teammate that is ahead of them on the attack this is headmanning the puck. Hoser or Hose-head – A derogatory term. Long Change – In the second period, the goaltenders change ends, meaning that the players’ bench is closer to the offensive zone rather than the defensive zone.

What does get pucks deep mean?

Pucks in Deep “Deep” refers to behind the net, below the goal line, and in the corners. Some of the dirty areas, if you will.

What are the dirty areas in hockey?

Dirty Areas Refers to anywhere on the ice where one boasts a particular high risk of getting destroyed via an elbow, shoulder or stick to the chops. These areas include along the boards, in front of the net, at each blueline, and in the corners.

What are wickets in hockey?

Wicket – Name of a goal and also the position for scoring in the field game of. Cricket. Also used as one of several names to describe Ice Hockey in the. formative years of the game in Nova Scotia. Wooden Puck – A Nova Scotia invention in the early 1800s as Ice Hockey evolved.

What is the name of an infraction made during a hockey game called?

Match Penalties A match penalty is any infraction that results in the ejection of a player from the game. This is one of the stiffest penalties in hockey. The player must leave the ice while one of his or her teammates serves the time given for the penalty.

What is the name of the line that divides both offensive and defensive players in floor hockey?

Any gymnasium that is laid out for basketball may be used. The center line is the half court line of the basketball floor. The center line divides the floor into offensive and defensive ends. Play always starts from the center circle with a face-off.

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