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Does VW Golf have automatic?

Does VW Golf have automatic?

Reliable engines, a compact size and simple yet instantly recognisable style along with the automatic transmission combine to form a quality all-rounder. This provides plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a second hand Volkswagen Golf automatic, from nearly new to much earlier models.

Can you get a VW up in automatic?

An auto-equipped version of the Volkswagen up! city car can be ordered now on both three and five-door versions of the Move up! and High up! The Move up!, which uses the less powerful 59bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, returns 64.2mpg and 103g/km – 1.4mpg and 2g/km better than the manual.

Are automatic golfs reliable?

The VW Golf’s reliability rating comes in higher than the Golf GTI ranking. Golf ranks 4.0 out of a total of 5 points – which makes it above average on the reliability scale. Golfs rank 24th out of the 36 compact cars reported.

Can you get a Golf GTI automatic?

5 GTI Performance model fitted with VW’s seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox promises to deliver all of that for maximum performance potential. If you want a hot Golf but don’t fancy the four-wheel drive R, this could be the car for you.

How long do Golfs last?

In terms of years, Volkswagen Golfs can run for an average of 5 years without problems and can still work further after changing the timing belt and if you maintain the engine regularly.

Are golfs expensive to maintain?

The majority of models in the range are more expensive to maintain than competitor vehicles, although it’s great that the German company offers a five-year capped-price plan, which is longer than a few of its biggest competitors.

How good is a Golf GTI?

Highs Exceedingly fun for the price, wonderful transmissions, classy and practical. Lows Ride quality can be a bit harsh, too understated for some, rival hot hatches cost less. Verdict The Mk 7 Golf GTI is the ultimate sport compact.

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