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What is meant by protuberant?

What is meant by protuberant?

: thrusting out from a surrounding or adjacent surface often as a rounded mass : prominent protuberant eyes.

What does protuberant abdomen mean?

Protuberant abdomen is unusual convexity of the abdomen usually caused by poor muscle tone or excessive subcutaneous fat.

What is a protuberance example?

A protuberance is something that sticks out, like a swelling or a lump or a bunion on your foot. A protuberance doesn’t have to be hideous; it could be your nose on your face or a knot on a tree.

What does protuberance mean in anatomy?

protuberance. That which is protuberant swelled or pushed beyond the surrounding or adjacent surface; a swelling or tumour on the body; a prominence; a bunch or knob; an elevation.

What does Dottiness mean?

lack of good sense or judgment. the irrepressible dottiness of her aunt was actually rather endearing.

What are normal bowel sounds?

Normal: Bowel sound consist of clicks and gurgles and 5-30 per minute. An occasional borborygmus (loud prolonged gurgle) may be heard.

What means pendulous?

1 archaic : poised without visible support. 2a : suspended so as to swing freely branches hung with pendulous vines. b : inclined or hanging downward pendulous jowls. 3 : marked by vacillation, indecision, or uncertainty.

Is protuberance a medical term?

pro·tu·ber·ance A swelling or knoblike outgrowth. A bulging, swelling, or protruding part.

Which is the best definition of a protuberant?

Definition of protuberant. : thrusting out from a surrounding or adjacent surface often as a rounded mass : prominent. protuberant eyes.

What does the protuberant mean in the movie Ed?

Ed did not touch the grass at any point except one: the point where his protuberant stomach most protruded. He drew a sharp breath, which sounded through his yellow, protuberant teeth like a hiss. His protuberant stomach swelled forth in the shape of a pear; his legs were small, but active and vigorous. What Do “a.m.” And “p.m.” Stand For?

What kind of skin does a protuberant have?

A protuberant abdomen, mottled or rough, dry skin, delayed tooth eruption, and developmental delay, although more impressive, manifest much later.

Who is the protuberant in The New Yorker?

— Peter Schjeldahl, The New Yorker, 9 Nov. 2020 Meanwhile, Angela is carrying on with protuberant tennis pro Tony Parker (Andrew Carter), who becomes the object of lust to both Edith and Angela’s gay son, Lance (Tom DeTrinis). — F. Kathleen Foley,, 17 May 2018

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