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What does TCN stand for in medical terms?

What does TCN stand for in medical terms?

Traditional Chinese medicine
TCM: Traditional Chinese medicine.

What does stand for in health?

Acronym. Definition. HEALTH. Help Efficient, Accessible, Low Cost, Timely Health Care Act. HEALTH.

What does mom mean in medical terms?

milk of magnesia
Abbreviation for milk of magnesia.

What is the meaning of PCM?

pcm is used in advertisements for housing, when indicating how much the rent will be. pcm is a written abbreviation for ‘per calendar month’. [British]

What do TCN do?

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) manages the electricity transmission network in the country. It is responsible for evacuating electric power generated by the electricity generating companies (GenCos) and wheeling it to distribution companies (DisCos).

What do you mean by mom?

noun. a person’s mother or one’s mother. a term of endearment used to refer to a woman or girl who is admired: Obviously she has no kids, but she is such a mom. She came on stage at the beginning of the concert, and I was like, MOM. All her friends call her “mom” even though she just started middle school.

What is Medicaid TCN number?

UNDERSTANDING THE CLAIM TRANSACTION CONTROL NUMBER (TCN) Enterprise assigns a unique 17 digit Transaction Control Numbers (TCNs) to every claim transaction, including original claims, voids and replacement claims, and adjustments. The TCN assigned to each document allows tracking of the document throughout all stages of Health Enterprise processing.

What is a TCN number Medicaid?

TCN – Transaction Control Number. Transaction Control Number is a 16-digit number assigned to a claim during processing and is needed to adjust or void a previously paid claim. The TCN can be found on the provider’s remittance statement.

What is a TCN number?

1 Answers. A TCN is a 9-digit Temporary Control Number that is issued to students who do not have or did not report a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN). Your TCN can be found at the top of your admit letter. If you provided an SSN, no TCN will be issued to you.

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