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Is Monticello open for tourists?

Is Monticello open for tourists?

Monticello remains open to the public, and tours continue uninterrupted. We are committed to keeping you informed as we receive additional information.

Is Monticello worth visiting?

Monticello is an amazing piece of history from the early days of our nation. It’s an absolute miracle that the house is in such excellent condition and that it contains so many original furniture pieces from Jefferson’s day. The cost of visiting Monticello is a bit steep, especially for a family.

Can you walk around Monticello for free?

It all takes time, and Monticello is a busy site. Show up late and you may end up waiting several hours for the next available house tour, although you’re free to walk the grounds around the house.

How long should I plan to spend at Monticello?

Monticello is a big, beautiful, thought-provoking place. Leave time to explore it. Most guests spend about 3.5 hours. Tours of the main house are a highlight of any visit to Monticello.

What is Monticello today?

Since that time, other restoration has been performed at Monticello. The Jefferson Foundation operates Monticello and its grounds as a house museum and educational institution. Visitors can wander the grounds, as well as tour rooms in the cellar and ground floor.

Do I need advance tickets for Monticello?

We strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance as many of our house tour options sell out early. All ticket options are available for advance purchase online including a Gardens and Grounds Pass on busier days. Fully vaccinated guests are no longer required to wear facial coverings when outdoors at Monticello.

How much does Monticello cost?

Self-Guided Pass

For Pricing When
Adults $32 Year-round Year-round
Children 12 – 18 $10 Year-round Year-round
Under 12 Free (ticket required) Year-round Year-round

Are there any discounts for Monticello?

The local discount is one of the top Monticello deals for existing customers. As long as you live in a surrounding county and can prove your residency, you qualify for the discount. Monticello lets you save on a daily pass to the house or an annual pass. With an annual pass, you also get discounts at the gift shop.

Are tickets to Monticello refundable?

Reservations and tickets are valid only on the date specified. There will be no refunds unless the tour is canceled by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. Some wheelchairs may be too large for use in the House.

How much does it cost to go to Monticello?

How many slaves were at Monticello?

400 people
Thomas Jefferson enslaved over 600 human beings throughout the course of his life. 400 people were enslaved at Monticello; the other 200 people were held in bondage on Jefferson’s other properties. At any given time, around 130 people were enslaved at Monticello.

How long to tour Monticello?

Guided tours of the Monticello house last approximately 30 minutes and include by short periods of movement and periods of standing for several minutes. Guests in wheelchairs can view most rooms open for touring on the first floor of the House.

Is Monticello a National Park?

Monticello has been documented by the National Park Service’s Historic American Buildings Survey. Monticello is also featured in the National Park Service Journey through Hallowed Ground Travel Itinerary.

Where is Monticello located?

Monticello, located in Albemarle County in the Piedmont region of Central Virginia, has been designated a National Historic Landmark. Click here for the National Historic Landmark registration file: text and photos. Monticello is also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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