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Is the YETI Roadie 20 being discontinued?

Is the YETI Roadie 20 being discontinued?

Editors note: The Roadie 20 has officially been discontinued. You can purchase the new Roadie 24 for $200 here.

Do RTIC coolers work as well as YETI?

They work darn well and nearly identically, with the Yeti staying slightly colder. But they’re both bulky and heavy. You may find that you’d prefer a wheeled cooler, which is one reason we dig Yeti’s Tundra Haul ($400) since it makes getting to your campsite, put-in, etc., a lot easier.

Does RTIC have sales?

Does RTIC ever have sales? All RTIC products are available at a significant discount compared to their competitors, but they also hold special sale events with even greater discounts on everything from water bottles to backpacks. These include Black Friday, Father’s Day, and more.

Why is RTIC cheaper than Yeti?

John and Jim Jacobsen began their company in 2015 in Cypress, Texas, intending to make similar products to YETI but at a cheaper price. Because it sells almost exclusively direct to consumer, RTIC can sell its products at a much lower price while still turning a profit.

Is the Yeti Roadie worth it?

The Yeti Roadie 24 is a sturdy, small cooler that offers excellent insulation for its size and a useful shape for diverse contents. Tall enough for most 2L and wine bottles and sturdy enough to sit on, the compact 24L Roadie is our top recommendation if you frequently need and use a cooler of this size.

What brand is better than Yeti?

The Pelican ProGear Elite cooler is my #1 pick for the best cooler that is like Yeti but cheaper. It’s one of the most affordable of all the Yeti alternatives and it outperforms the Yeti in terms of ice retention.

What’s the difference between a Yeti and a RTIC?

RTIC 20 vs Yeti Roadie 20 The smallest RTIC cooler is slightly larger than the comparable Roadie 20. The RTIC can hold around 25 pounds of ice compared to the 20 that the Yeti Roadie holds, however, they both have the same ice retention rate of around four days.

What’s the capacity of a Yeti roadie 20?

The YETI Roadie 20 is a very popular model, and some people even use it as a personal cooler. This model offers a storage capacity of 14 cans plus enough ice to keep them cold for a long time. What impressed us the most about the Roadie was its strong design.

What’s the capacity of the RTIC 20 cooler?

The RTIC 20 was designed with everyday practicality in mind. This small rotomolded cooler offers a storage capacity of up to 24 cans plus plenty of ice to keep them cool for a good amount of time. We liked the cooler’s stainless steel handle.

Which is bigger the Yeti tundra 65 or the RTIC 65?

RTIC 65 The RTIC 65 is the largest size that RTIC offers in hard-sided coolers when initial testing was performed, and it actually ends up being a good bit larger than the Yeti Tundra 65 despite the similar name. In fact, it can hold 13 pounds more of ice. This is the primary factor in it pulling away from the Yeti for this size.

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