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What is a kebaya dress?

What is a kebaya dress?

According to the Kamus Dewan, a kebaya is defined as a women’s long-sleeved dress opened at the front, secured with buttons, pins, or brooches while the Kamus Besar described it as a women’s long-sleeved upper garment worn with a long piece of cloth.

How do you wear a kebaya?

Normally, the ladies will wear it with a batik sarong, a tight-fitting long skirt that has a slit in front; a plain long skirt; or a wrap-around. Interestingly, the traditional outfit has evolved to suit the taste of modern women. The youths of today wear kebaya tops with flare skirts, jeans, palazzo pants or Pario.

What is the difference between baju kurung and kebaya?

“Unlike baju kurung, kebaya looks more alluring and elegant. The outfit looks more gracious if you combine it with a long selendang. However, not many Malaysian women will opt for kebaya especially those who are conscious about their figure. The kebaya, unlike the baju kurung, is a figure-hugging dress.

Who wears a kebaya?

At the time, the kebaya was exclusively worn by royalty, aristocrats and minor nobility. It wasn’t until the 17th century that commoners and peasant women in Java started wearing simpler versions of the kebaya, using peniti (safety pins) to fasten the blouse.

Can girls wear Baju Melayu?

Traditionally, Malay men may opt to wear the Pending and Baju Sikap in order to complete the Malay “suit six”. On the other hand, Malay women wear the Baju Kurung.

When should we wear Baju Melayu?

Occasions for usage The white Baju Melayu is worn by Malaysian royalty when mourning the passing away of a member of the royal family. Bruneian and Malaysian men usually wear the shirt for general religious occasions, such as visiting the mosque or for a religious gathering.

What is baju kurung in English?

It is loosely translated as “enclosed dress” Although Baju Kurung is the generic term of the attire for both males and females, in modern Malaysia, the female dress is referred to as Baju Kurung while the male dress is referred to as Baju Melayu.

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